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At the Feet of The Mother

Personal Relation with The Divine Mother (4) – Anilbaran Roy

Great must have been my sadhana through innumerable lives, I am now able to approach Thee, Mother, and be accepted as one of Thy chosen ones. Thy grace has decided to make me an instrument of Thy will, to turn me into a vehicle of Thy manifestation on the earth. My whole being is throbbing with joy at Thy intimate touch within me.

Thou hast occupied my heart, Mother, no one else shall have any more homage from me. Seeking to aggrandise and glorify my ego, I have constantly brought worry and shame on myself; now all my egoistic pursuits are ended I shall no more hanker after any work but shall allow Thy will to work in me; I shall no more ignorantly strive to aggrandise myself, but shall allow Thee to fill my whole being and transform me in Thy own way.

I have taken my absolute refuge with Thee, Mother, and Thou hast taken me under Thy protection. It is for Thee to decide what success will come to me, what illumination, what delight. I have given my sole charge to Thee, the supreme Mother, and can now rest in absolute peace.

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