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At the Feet of The Mother

Physical Conditions and Yoga

My friends wonder why I take so little food. But why should I eat much just to satisfy the body’s appetite?

Food is necessary for the maintenance of the body which is the instrument of the sadhana, so it must be taken in sufficient quantity for that. It is not to satisfy the appetite but for this purpose that you must take sufficient food.

I think you said some time ago that the absence of my appetite was due to the inertia and the resistance of the lower vital. I wonder what sort of connection exists between the appetite and inertia.

All ill-health is due to some inertia or weakness or to some resistance or wrong movement there, only it has sometimes a more physical and sometimes a more psychological character. Medicines can counteract the physical results.

Could I have two more spoons of sugar as I get one extra cup of milk!

Mother does not approve of 12 spoons of sugar as so much is bad for the health. 10 spoons is already a lot. She can give you some Nergine[1] to put in your extra milk in place of sugar. One spoon in each cup (not more than two in a day). Nergine is very strengthening.

Somebody referring to the Ashram food said, “We cannot eat such vegetables. They are not meant for human souls. The people in charge ought to know that we are not divine souls. We pass our outer life just like worldly men, but the food is not like what they eat. In other Ashrams, people feel a glow of renunciation, owing to sannyasa; therefore they don’t mind what they eat.”

Does the human soul eat vegetables? If they don’t want to be divine souls why are they here — or if they have no aspiration? Aspiration to the Divine ought surely to give a glow sufficient for not minding about vegetables.

On the same day my friend N’s pain in his toe began to decrease, there entered a similar pain into the corresponding toe of my foot. Is it not rather interesting?

Yes, but that kind of experience should not be pushed too far.

At times I watch the Mother’s Force lifting my body-consciousness to a higher level. I become unaware of the contents of the body — like the bones, flesh, etc. Then any trace of illness, even of a violent pain, vanishes!

To be able to do that is very good.


[1] A French preparation, something like Bournvita but less tasty.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.