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At the Feet of The Mother

Physical Mind


Are not the physical mind and the intellect two separate parts of our being?

They are closely connected and act together.

At times suggestions come: “You meditate for so long and work so little. This Yoga is not to attain motionless Samadhi. People here are expected to lead a balanced life working, meditating and reading.”

These mental suggestions are of no use when there is experience and development going on — one must not turn from the experiences in obedience to a mental rule.

Is the dynamic descent obstructed by my physical mental?

It is probably that your physical mental is too active, putting its ideas between the Force and the field of its working.

How to stop the physical mental from that activity before it takes deep root?

What do you mean? Activity of the physical mind is not a new thing that needs to take root. It has been there very well rooted since you began your human evolution in the primaeval forests.

The physical mental or externalising mind is part of the mental consciousness, not part of the physical consciousness. But it is closely connected with the mental physical — so that the two usually act together.

It is not by a general descent that people come out of the physical mind. If one chooses to remain in the physical mind, one million descents can come down and make no difference to him.

My physical mind often insists on mental questions and guidance.

That insistence of your physical mind comes up very strongly whenever the sadhana is interrupted. It has always the tone “Why don’t you answer? Why don’t you answer? Can’t you see that you are not giving me what I need in my difficulties? I must have answers, answers.”

To overcome the obstinacy of the physical mind I had better stop asking you so many questions about the sadhana, and only state what happens and what I fail to understand by myself.

Out of one thousand mental questions and answers there are only one or two here and there that are really of any dynamic assistance — while a single inner response or a little growth of consciousness will do what these thousand questions and answers could not do. The Yoga does not proceed by upadesh but by inner influence. To state your condition, experiences etc. and open to the help is far more important than question-asking — especially the questions about why and how which your physical mind so persistently puts.

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