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At the Feet of The Mother

Physical Mind


All sorts of thought-formations take place in my mind, acting this way and that. What is it that brings them about?

It is something in the physical mind which is accustomed to such thoughts and so readily receives them from any force that chooses to put them in.

Sometimes a part of me gets drawn into noting how the Mother puts her hand on a sadhak’s head at pranam and also how long she keeps it there. This seems a stupid movement of the physical mind. Why does it go on?

The physical mind is in the habit of observing things with or without use.

Does the inquiry consciousness belong to the intelligence proper?

There is no “inquiry consciousness”, there is curiosity in the physical mind or a tendency to inquire in the thinking mind.

What is the difference between a thought of the physical mind and a thought of the mind proper?

The field is different and the capacity.

In the Mother Conversations I have read; “If the central being makes its surrender, these difficulties can be destroyed.” So I thought: How easy it is to get the difficulties out of the system! What part of the mind is it that thinks like this?

It is the physical mind that would like everything made easy.

The emptiness, pure-existence, silence etc. are spiritual states. But it needs a special knowledge for the mind to take them rightly, otherwise there is the danger of an ignorant resistance. Unfortunately I miss that knowledge.

These are suggestions of the physical mind and lower vital. Nobody has a special knowledge from the beginning.

Is the physical mind right in thinking that I should not write to you about the usual wrong reactions of the outer being?

It may be better, provided that does not mean allowing the reactions to grow and get worse.

Is it really the physical mind that says so? Is it then not true that the normal physical mind would rather enjoy such reactions than feel a wound in reporting about them?

No, it might accept them, but it would not enjoy them. It is something in the vital that enjoys these things in a certain sense of enjoyment.

When I separate myself from the inertia and try to rise higher I feel some positive obstruction. Probably it is between the inner mind centre and the seventh centre (sahasradal padma).

It must be the physical mind interfering and preventing the free ascension.

Why is my physical mind not happy with your answers to what I write?

Something in your physical mind stiffens and begins to defend its views. It is better to wait till it is more supple and plastic. Mental discussions are not good for sadhana but only for clarifying the intellect which is not so important at this stage as other things.

There is a constant turmoil in the mind, which can’t rest without some activity.

Usual restlessness of the physical mind. It does not like to be unoccupied.

From where has this restlessness come?

The restlessness came from activity of the physical mind, dissatisfied with the answers given to it and insisting on its own ideas. This is an old habit of your physical mind.

What should be a sadhak’s attitude during the period of loneliness?

He must have confidence in the Divine and remain unmoved even in that loneliness.

And what is its cure?

One should get down the peace and presence in that part to cure the loneliness.

All difficulties cannot disappear at once, but the active resistance can cease.

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