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At the Feet of The Mother

The Power of Agni and the Psychic Fire

Coming from the Mother, I felt as if a burning transformation had started. I feel around me a burning sensation. To give an example, each of my fingers feels surrounded by a fire.

It is the Agni fire that you feel. Agni is at once a fire of aspiration, a fire of purification, a fire of tapasya, a fire of transformation.

While leaving the Ashram I was conscious of something very weighty, wide, full of power and intensely strong entering not merely through the Brahmic passage at the top of the head but through the whole head.

It is simply the force of the higher consciousness descending in greater mass.

I feel the experience in flesh and teeth and it is becoming more and more dense. Does it mean that there is also a working of peace?

The force can also be dense in that way; but probably it is establishing the solid calm in that way.

Along with the psychic fire in the heart there was a simultaneous action of a vital fire. How is that?

There is no incompatibility between them.

What is it that acts in the Agni?

It is the Mother’s Force that works in the Agni.

Before my consciousness could realise fully the Self the psychic seems to have come so much forward. Is the experience of a burning action almost everywhere in the being a sign of this?

All that is simply the burning of the Agni in various parts of the being. It prepares it for transformation. But the coming forward of the psychic is another matter and its signs are psychological.

Since it is mostly the Agni that burns within me, why does the mind take it for the psychic fire?

It is some association in the mind probably coupling Agni with the psychic. Of course the individual Agni fire has its starting point in the psychic, but the mere burning of the fire does not show that the psychic is coming forward.

When it burns in the heart it is the fire in the psychic. The psychic fire is individual and takes usually the form of a fire of aspiration or personal tapasya. This Fire is universal and it came from above.

What is experienced in the vital as fire?

The psychic fire may burn in the vital. It all depends on whether it is the fire of the general Force that comes from above or the fire of your soul’s aspiration and tapasya.

What does the fire in any part indicate?

The fire indicates a dynamic action.

You wrote a few days back that the signs of the psychic’s coming forward are psychological. What are these signs?

A central love, bhakti, surrender, giving everything, a sight within that sees always clearly what is spiritually right or wrong and automatically rejects the latter — a movement of entire consecration and dedication of all in one to the Mother.

I feel something very intense and as if burning deep within — Just as it was in the case of the fire of aspiration, and yet it is not the same!

It may be the Yogic force (tapas) which is also called Yogagni — Yoga fire.

What is the function of the Yogagni?

It prepares the system, creates the yogic aspirations, brings in the experiences of the sadhana etc.

At about seven a.m. I began to feel the pressure. It was perhaps for the peace because soon I began to experience peace. At eight there was another pressure probably for silence. But I could not maintain the silence properly due to the mechanical thoughts. After a short while, there came a third pressure. It gave me much energy; I could work very quickly without getting tired. Since the beginning of the third pressure I have been feeling much heat in me and around me. What is that heat?

It is the heat of the tapas created by the pressure.

After entering into the condition of peace and silence, the fire of aspiration and the Yogagni are not experienced any more. It seems I get one new thing and lose the previous one!

It may be they are not felt at present — the one thing to be felt always is the silence and peace. The Agni in that form is an experience, which you have to feel as an aspiration and a force working.

The higher flow that descends through the top of my head — the Brahmic centre — was felt till now only up to the inner mind centre in the forehead. Now it has extended and runs into the nose.

It is coming down towards the externalising mind centre.

I do not understand how the higher pressure is not only coming with intensity and power but also burning like a fire.

That is the Agni-force in it.

All that is simply the burning of the Agni in various parts of the being. It prepares for the transformation.

Cannot the passive and the active Self be harmonised so as to govern and change my nature properly? Either one of the two does not seem sufficient to handle the whole of the human nature.

Yes, but the Peace, Purity and Calm of the Self must be fixed — otherwise the active Descent may find the forces it awakes seized on by lower Powers and a confusion created. That has happened with many.

Can the active Descent take place even if Purity, Peace and Calm are not sufficiently established?

It can, — but to have the peace and calm first is better. Many call down the superior Force first.

Is it not possible at my present stage to maintain my central consciousness in the pure-existence all the time and let my external actions be directed by the Mother’s Force so that they may come automatically from the true consciousness?

No, it is not yet possible. The true consciousness must be there in the mind and vital before that is done and the true consciousness is the psychic and the higher. What one can do before that is to use the mental will to direct the actions in the right way or reject the things that have to be rejected. But this you had stopped when the silence, emptiness etc. came down.

Today my inner being collected all its diffused energy of will-power and fought out the inertia massed within me. Was the force used rajas, the vital push, something unspiritual? It was not a silent duel. There were strong vibrations all around me.

There is nothing unspiritual in that — the use of this force is very good — it is tapas, not rajas.

You once wrote: “As for the submind etc., these things have a habit of sticking, so long as the higher dynamic activities are not established.” What are the higher dynamic activities?

Knowledge, higher Will, Force, universal Ananda.

With a certain kind of will, I can quiet even the subconscient for a while. But a greater will-power is required for a constant bold.

That is one of the higher dynamic activities.

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