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At the Feet of The Mother

Household Duties and Sadhana

It is true that practising sadhana while engaged in various activities of the world, especially the life of a household is not easy. There are so many pulls and demands upon our time and energy that it becomes difficult to stay focused on our goal. Yet if one can sustain the focus through the battlefield then the results are far richer than if one were pursuing the quest in the setup of the Ashram life.

The fundamental practice that Sri Aurobindo stressed upon, especially when one is living outside is equanimity.  The Mother gave the mantra of ‘Remember and offer’. Taking Her Name and going through life, staying inwardly focussed on Her while dealing with the many challenges, leaning upon Her through the various difficulties, calling Her as often as one can is the mainstay of the Path. Along with this taking out some time for special concentration with the help of Their books, Music, Savitri reading, sitting in inner quietude trying to concentrate in the heart.

While one does whatever one is called upon to do as duty but turning it into Karmayoga by offering one’s actions to the Divine and changing the motive from egoistic satisfactions to serving Her in the world through whatever work one is called upon to do in the world. This is the way.

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