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At the Feet of The Mother

Preparing for the 150th Anniversary

The best way to prepare for the 150th anniversary of Sri Aurobindo is to read him with a will to live his teachings.

The best way we can pay our homage to Sri Aurobindo is to sincerely put into practice all that he has taught us.

The best way of expressing our gratitude to him to be a living example of his teachings. Most of all to be simple and to be quietly happy and always full of hope because he is there.

The best way we can celebrate the sesquicentenary is to open to him and the Mother through love, devotion, service and surrender, to be always full of faith and trust in the Divine, open to Her Grace in a wide gesture of self-giving.

Even if we can put into practice a little of his vast enormous teachings it would free us from much fear and bring us closer to him who is always within us as the very Source and substance of our being and existence.

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