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At the Feet of The Mother

Preparing for the Plunge, p. 319

Opening Remarks
Aswapati is now prepared for entering the infinite Truth of the Transcendent Supramental realm. He must leave behind all that belongs to the world of forms, all that is ever-changing and transient.

Form and memory’s limiting line
Overpowered were form and memory’s limiting line;
The covering mind was seized and torn apart;
It was dissolved and now no more could be,
The one Consciousness that made the world was seen;
All now was luminosity and force.

The limits that form and memory create were overpassed. Memory keeps us tied to the past while form holds us back to the present. Both must be overcome to enter into the realm where Future broods in the Silence of the Spirit. The mind, itself an imperfect and limiting instrument, a force of ignorance, was seized and its old formats and patterns of ignorance were torn apart. It was slain and along with it was slain the ignorance that veiled the one Consciousness that built the worlds. The veil was torn apart and the one Consciousness revealed its face. All now grew luminosity and force.

Spirit’s wide identity
Abolished in its last thin fainting trace
The circle of the little self was gone;
The separate being could no more be felt;
It disappeared and knew itself no more,
Lost in the spirit’s wide identity.

The last traces of the cosmic ignorance were removed and with it, all sense of a separate limited self was also gone. Now nothing remained of the old self. There was only the spirit’s vastness with which his being was completely identified.

Movement of the All
His nature grew a movement of the All,
Exploring itself to find that all was He,
His soul was a delegation of the All
That turned from itself to join the one Supreme.

His nature grew one with the All. All was felt and known as the Divine Himself, his soul being a delegate of the All that had turned to join the one Supreme.

Transcended was the human formula
Transcended was the human formula;
Man’s heart that had obscured the Inviolable
Assumed the mighty beating of a god’s;
His seeking mind ceased in the Truth that knows;
His life was a flow of the universal life.

He had transcended the human limits and the ways of the old consciousness. The human heart that had thrown a veil and obscured the inviolable had been transformed into the beatings of a god who labours for the whole creation. The mind groping for Knowledge ceased in the Truth that knows. His life was attuned to the rhythmic flow of the universal life.

World’s highest line
He stood fulfilled on the world’s highest line
Awaiting the ascent beyond the world,
Awaiting the descent the world to save.

He stood at the apex of the world awaiting the ascent beyond it, awaiting the descent to save the world.

Closing Remarks
Aswapati now awaits entry into the kingdoms of the Spirit.

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