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At the Feet of The Mother

Pressure and Resistance

What was there on the head that pressed so powerfully?

The power from above.

Why was it doing so?

It must have been to make a fresh opening.

It is something in the higher consciousness evidently that is pressing.

What has created such a strong resistance?

When there is a pressure for a fresh opening, there is often a strong resistance from below.

Which part of my being is interfering with the action of the Mother’s Force?

It is always the same — the lower nature admitting the contrary pressure from below.

There was some restlessness in the physical mind, so I started studying. Then the pressure came from above. It pulled my concentration away from studying and put it on the physical. I don’t understand why it did so. Afterwards there was so much restlessness that I had to read a drama to quiet it!

The restlessness was not created by the pressure but by some resistance to it in the physical. The only pressure that could bring restlessness is the pressure of the Tamas.

What did it want me to do by shifting my attention in that way?

I don’t know that it wanted you to do anything except allow it to come in.

Is it not strange that it should bring me out of the mind (study) and put me into a state in which I could read only stories?

That was due to the restlessness, I suppose, not to any bad intention in the pressure.

If the pressure really wanted me to meditate at that particular time instead of studying why did it disappear as soon as I prepared myself to submit to its will?

What is the will of a pressure? I presume it was some state of your mind when studying that brought the pressure. We cannot assume that the pressure ‘wanted’ you to stop studying and did this and did that; it may have been only your mind that reacted in that way.

How does a pressure on the vital create confusion or restlessness?

The pressure is of the higher consciousness. To the “how” there could be no mental answer. It depends on many factors which vary constantly and cannot be put into a mental formula.

But restlessness, confusion etc. are signs of some resistance somewhere.

You spoke of this vital pressure producing restlessness, confusion etc. A pressure from the Mother cannot by itself produce that. There must be a struggle going on for such effects to come about.

The more one yields to the resistance, the more it is likely to grow.

Resistance to pressure creates a struggle.

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