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At the Feet of The Mother

Protest Movements and Our Attitude Towards Them

There are protests, even revolutions that are the direct inspiration of Truth-seeking to manifest rather forcefully in a world governed by falsehood.  There are however other protests that are clearly motivated by vested interests. The anti CAA and the recent farmer protests do seem to be stemming from a force of falsehood because its proponents are not at all open to any reason. It is clearly an infra-rational energy, a crowd mindset that is fuelling the protests. The active participation of anti-India forces especially those that seek to disintegrate India is another sign of these forces. They are working to create confusion and through propaganda and misinformation. However, since the world is coming increasingly under the influence of the supramental consciousness since 29th February 1956, they will all be eventually used for hastening the reign of truth upon earth. As far as the attitude is concerned it will depend upon the goal we place before ourselves. If it is to serve Mother India then we can try to be as well informed as we can on the various issues and counteract all such false propaganda with clear logic, facts and reason on various forums. There is no need to fight aggressively or get into a heated debate or combative arguments but to simply place facts in a well-informed calm and logical manner.

There is no need to venture beyond this especially for those who have taken to yoga. Each is given his place in the vast cosmic labour and the indication of the place we must occupy in the great cosmic plan can be found in our deeper inmost heart. The surface heart and the vital jump at appearances or rush into activity moved either by some vested interest of money or fame or else by a turbid restless emotion. But a yogi moves only if he feels an inner command arising as a deep calm inspiration that moves him to the core. Then one can engage in whatever way one gets this inner feel. But in a general way, politics is a murky field and crowds and activism that arouses restless urge to act are best avoided by an aspirant for yoga. It means throwing oneself prematurely in a field where the law of masses holds sway. Not that this cannot be done, for there is nothing that a yogic cannot do and do better than how it is ordinarily done, but care and caution are certainly needed when one thrusts oneself into murky swamps.

Besides the yogin’s primary business is to unite with God by going beyond the human frames and formulas. A stage comes when one is completely detached from human vision and life. If a yogi still acts in that field it is because such is the Will of God in him and not because he is pushed by any personal ambition or egoistic pull. In that case, he acts as long as the Will persists but is ready to withdraw the next moment if such be the command.

However, we can always pray, we can pray for the country, pray for humanity, pray for the earth and all its creatures and trust God’s ways always remembering that the last scene of the last Act of the earthly drama is yet to be played.  And that incidentally as Sri Aurobindo reveals to us is going to be the best shot for which all this is a preparation.

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