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At the Feet of The Mother

Psychic and Divine Love


The psychic never feels that it cannot love the Divine.

Our psychic loves the Divine but the vital is in revolt. Then there will be gloomy periods. To avoid them we must make our outer being love the Divine. But how to do it with a strong ego in front?

The outer being has to learn to love in the psychic way without ego. If it loves in the egoistic vital way, then it only creates difficulties for itself and for the sadhana and for the Mother.

The outer being too must love the Divine Mother. If the love is confined within the soul alone there is hardly anything remarkable in it.

Why do you need something remarkable? The love of the soul is the true thing, simple and absolute — the rest is good only if it is a means of manifestation of the soul’s love.

But what then about the love in the vital itself?

The love in the vital or other parts is the true thing, good for the spiritual life, only when in the vital love is changed into a form of the psychic love and becomes an instrument for the manifestation of the soul’s love, no longer for the desires of the ego which men call love.

The present growth of the sadhana is to make my vital offer its full love for the Divine without any condition. Is it not so?

Yes, love with surrender and dissolution of the ego.

Usually I don’t wear a coat. But yesterday it was chilly and I had a coat on me. I began to pluck various flowers for offering to the Mother. Unexpectedly, the flower called ‘Divine Love’ (Punica granatum) fell by itself and was caught just at my chest (heart centre) where the collar of the coat closes in. Any meaning?

An indication of its coming in the heart.

I think this can’t be a mere accident as it appears to the outer mind. There must be the Mothers hand in it.


Again I saw some very big and beautiful flowers, signifying ‘Divine Love’ in a dream.

It is a suggestion of what must and will be.

The latest form of the suggestions is directed towards myself and the Mother. They say, “You have no love for her.” What is worse, they make some part of my being feel that as true.

But that is surely very evident nonsense. If you feel love for the Mother how can they say you have none or, if they say it, what value has such an obvious lie and why does any part of you assent to it?

What surprises me is, on one side I feel a profound love for the Mother but in the outward expression I can’t feel any love.

What do you mean by outward expression? Love is a thing of the heart and does not depend on outward expression.

It is said that, if one loves the Divine, faith ceases to be important.

It is not true except that when the psychic love for the Divine is there, faith is there also. But so long as knowledge and realisation are not complete, faith is indispensable.

The difficulties in sadhana come because we lack a real self-giving and spontaneous love for the Divine Mother. For the integral Yoga especially, they are our only permanent safeguards. Moreover, it is harder to understand the Divine in a physical form than on the ethereal planes. Even our outer questioning and your answering does not bring us sufficiently close. Is it not really so?

Obviously. To understand divine movements one must enter into the divine consciousness, till then faith and surrender are the only right attitude. How can the mind judge what is beyond all its measures?

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.