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At the Feet of The Mother

Purifying and Perfecting the Energy of Love

No one can ever love even remotely as the Divine Mother for she is the Source of all love. She is the origin and hence the purest form of Love that one can ever conceive or imagine. In fact, it is beyond our conceptions and imaginations since this Love in its origin is not merely quantitatively but most importantly qualitatively different. Besides, it is one with perfect Wisdom, Strength and Works, in perfect harmony with all other Divine Powers, even though it is very much the core of creation.

When it enters the small and turbid vessels of creation it gets diminished in potency and also suffers a change of quality. In animals, it becomes an outer attraction of often used by nature for procreation purposes. In higher animals and human beings, it becomes an emotional need, a receiving and giving of care and affection and devotion and attention. Higher up the ladder, it becomes an intellectual companionship and deeper and higher still it manifests in the commonality of spiritual aspiration, seeking and ascension together towards higher states and eventually towards the Divine Perfection of life.

We shall not create an artificial divide between human love and divine love but rather learn to love truly and divinely whomever we love. It is false forms of love, laced with desires, lusts, ego reactions, turbid mixtures of cravings and demands, attachments to outer surface appearances that must go so that we can recover the purest form of love, its most potent energy that exists in human beings and in everything. It is to be purified and refined and not discarded or a sharp line drawn between loving the Divine vis a vis loving a human being. A human being is a miniature divinity, a divine in the making just as the Divine is divinity in all its splendour and Perfection. That which aspires is human, that which grants us the joy of aspiration, ignites the seeking towards Perfection and eventually fulfills it is the Divine.

Now the shortest way to purify and perfect the energy of love within us is to love the Divine Mother. Because we tend to become one with the one whom we love it is but natural that by loving the Divine we tend to grow in some likeness of Him. Our love, strength, wisdom, works – all begin to change into some semblance of the Divine Nature. It is to get that constant contact with the Source that we are advised to stay away from human love that may act as a distraction to our energies and efforts to reach out to the Divine. But once we get that contact we have to return to the world and engage with all forms of love, but in a divine and no more a human way.

There is however another path where we do not wait to get the contact first before returning to life. Instead, we turn everything into a means of contact with the Divine by a certain attitude and offering. This way all our natural affections begin to become a means for our growth and we can acquire peace even on the battlefield. The one thing needed is to set your mind clear on the Goal and keep the Goal always shining like a beacon light to keep orienting us. If we do that then everything including what seems to oppose and resist will eventually yield and give way to advancing upon the path.

As to the rest things such as desires etc take time to go. What can be done is to practice equanimity and moderation. Offer and consecrate the desires to Her. Eventually, as the psychic being begins to wake up the grip of desires and ego becomes weak and peace and quietude and joy return. Then one does not anything external to be happy since one has tapped into infinite reservoirs of peace and love and joy.

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