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At the Feet of The Mother

Q&A on Life, Health, Yoga (TE 362)

In this English talk given in the format of Questions and Answers with ‘Healing triad’ the following questions are answered:

1. I experienced Mother’s grace early on, have been hardworking and I believe in sincerity and truth. Often I am able to forgive people who are dishonest/lack sincerity, I am nice and encouraging to them since I believe they deserve a chance. However, I get do get angry and hold back that anger, though I never express it on them and this leads to a lot of pains and aches. Am I not forgiving them or am I being too harsh on myself? I don’t know what’s happening.

2. I witness difficulty in maintaining moderation in eating. It’s either total abstinence or overindulgence. Some ways, I can sustain moderation and make it part of my daily life?

3. My Ques is related to one of your talks that we heard on Sound health where you suggested to be in a perfect state of consciousness you must Master yourself that nothing affects you at all ..no desire, thoughts, feelings, vibrations, food etc.

4. How does one get to that state practically and sustain that in our day to day life of our mental, emotional, social, and physical demands?

5. How do we work on making our consciousness clear and clean on a regular basis to uplift ourselves to the higher ranges which we May experience for a fraction or a little longer at times, but to make it a conscious practice and how do we know or identify that we are rising and that what we experience is truly a higher range of consciousness and not just our imagination?

6. Can you please provide one powerful intervention to apply for anger management?

7. In one of your talks you shared a healing process of a finger by Dr Hedge, supported by magnetic fields and micro currencies. Which role will this kind of healing play in the future?

8. There are some healing devices using magnetic fields, micro currencies and quantum sensors developed in Russia, US and Germany and maybe other places too. Which role does India play in bringing forth this kind of new knowledge and technology?

9. In Germany Nicola Tesla is widely known. Someone spoke about him being a Vibhuti of Sri Aurobindo. Could you please tell us something about this? Could it be that secular people could find it easier to accept knowledge from a Vibhuti than from the Divine?

10. Could you please explain the role of our receptivity on behalf of the Siddhi Day? How can we increase our receptivity to the Divine?

11. It is said that our gut is our second brain and there’s a very direct relationship between our gut health and our psychological states. Often I witness that whenever I experience gustatory issues, I am very disoriented, confused and irritated. Are there ways to try and come back to balanced psychological states at such times? And if yes, would it also improve my gut health?

12. There is a prayer for the Mother By Dada which you shared in the talks …please can you share it again and also where can we find it?

13. Where can we find the Poem on Divine Maths for children? The world is 0, God is 1…

14. The dream that you had shared about the story of the snake and the couple ..how was it associated with your healing of your illness of piles? Sorry, I didn’t understand, just need clarity.

15. How do we recognise ‘Divine Work’? How can we become exact instruments of Divine Work.

16. How does one use one’s will while being surrended?

The poem that was read:

World is zero, God is One
One is He, two is me
Two the game of hide and seek/duality
Three, this holy trinity
Four is perfect perfection
The roots of mystic Ashwatha tree
Five is Blissful Beauty and Love
Six, the force of Divinity
Seven, home of Truth above
Eight our secret mystery
Nine is world discovering God
Nine is God’s return to earth
Ten is earthly destiny
God and world is clasp of Love
World as zero, God as one.

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