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At the Feet of The Mother

Q&A on Psychology (TE 457)

This is a webinar with some students of Psychology from the Delhi University recorded on 7th Nov 2022. The questions were as below:

1. Traumatic experiences such as sexual harassment how to reconcile with it? Given if we have to again encounter the person who did it on a regular basis?

2. At this juncture, when we are trying to enter the professional world, there’s constant unsettling within me with how to progress ahead. There are certain things that I might want to do, and certain others that I don’t want to do as much it comes with certain perks majorly financial- all this with expectations from the family and desire to be financially independent. How do I navigate?

3. How do we understand death? It is as much a part of our life as birth, however there a denial about it. Is it just the death of the body or is there any way to view is, to make life more meaningful not just see our existence by some mere chance

4. At times it so happens that there’s a thing I have been wanting to do. And when the moment comes, I am doing it but something would happen in the middle of it or when i am just about to complete it, that there would be urges in me which just don’t want to complete it. They will not let me do, I find myself torn apart. I want to do, and there’s a part in me which is not letting me. What is it? Why does this happens? What is the way out?

5. How to be with a child and how to be like a child. Keeping the inner wonder and curiosity alive.

6. As a generation now we are becoming aware more and more aware about our civilization, its culture and its spiritual roots. Also, understanding how we have been fed wrong information over the years in school. So why it’s that? Is it because of the evolution of consciousness or the political influence that is taking place?

7. When sharing our personal journey whether in spiritual or experiences in life how do we know its out of our ego that we are sharing or its an act of giving.

8. How do we develop ourselves to be able to help people in their pain and suffering? Especially in metal health.

9. Does modern clinical psychology give space for these extraordinary experiences?

10. Every time darkness in some form or the other comes up in life, sometimes in form of relationships, in form ambition, in tiny forms. How to be aware of it how to pull ourselves back. How to be in touch with the divine in the worst days

11. Strengthening the ego before transcending it (individuality).

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