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At the Feet of The Mother

Q&A on the Integral Yoga | TE 508

A Questions and Answers session. Some of the questions:

– Sharing experiences
– Sankhya and multiple purushas
– Reading Sri Aurobindo
– Meaning of the term Psychic being
– More on the psychic being
– The Mother’s Yoga in the physical
– Ultimate Goal of the spiritual seeker
– Sadhana and sickness
– Making choices and the Divine Will
– Dealing with situations.
– Wars
– Getting rid of attachment.
– Story of Ghatotkach and Abhimanyu
– Soul’s true aspiration
– Reading Savitri without understanding.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.