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At the Feet of The Mother

Q&A on Psychic Emergence, Symbols, Fate (TH 061)

The talk is based on questions about psychic emergence, symbols, fate etc. Personal efforts towards the realization of one’s psychic being are required and should be done. But by personal efforts only one cannot discover the psychic being. The discovery is ultimately an act of Grace. Personal effort creates the ground, though we may well realize later that even this was an act of Grace!

Pain comes out of resistance in our nature. Our so called individual nature works as a kind of lid which limits us for the desired realization. The psychic experience is very liberating. There could be many experiences. Experiences of vastness and peace, breaking of the mental lid etc come when one is walking the Path. While some experiences do indicate progress, this alone should not be taken as the signs of progress in sadhana.

Symbol is meant to represent a truth or a creative force in this world of form. The Mother’s and Sri Aurobindo’s symbols are embodiment of their consciousness. They represent a deeper Reality that we must discover eventually within us. Our approach to Their symbols should be to reproduce the aspects of symbol in our own consciousness.

Fate is a door through which we have to pass through. Choices are given and according to the choice our destiny is framed. Those who are conscious of the psychic can choose their destiny. Even those who are not, even in them, it is the soul’s need to go through certain experiences for its growth that creates the ground of Fate.

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