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At the Feet of The Mother

Readiness for the Path

The spiritual journey is unique for each and does not fall into neat and fixed mental formats. Generalisations have their place but they are only generalisations. Each seeker brings his own unique past at the altar of God that must be reckoned with, even as each brings his own unique future possibilities hidden within the folds of our present fallen nature. The choice of the path is therefore not made based on the present difficulties that we may experience within ourselves, – they are never permanent, however much they may seem hard to surmount or even impossible to overcome. The choice of the path is based on our core aspiration. It is not about what our present nature is but about what we truly seek and aspire for.

To put it more simply, if the goal be to somehow escape from the downward pulls of earth with tired wings then any of the traditional yogas can work. True there will still be an element of choice between different Masters and paths based upon our temperament but the goal would be clear. But if one seeks for terrestrial progress and perfection of earthly life then there is only one yoga that promises it, it is the integral yoga of Sri Aurobindo. Whether easy or difficult, ready or not one has to then go on with the trust that if I am not yet ready I will get ready in due course of time. Readiness is after all a relative thing. The slow paced man riddled with difficulties may, due to a sudden turn or change of attitude may be flying fast. On the other hand the one who is right now moving as a bright star may take a downward plunge and for sometime crawl upon earth. It is so because we are constituted of different parts that may strongly propel us or else stubbornly stand in the way.

A lot depends upon what is in the forefront in a given moment. The choice therefore is not based on the readiness of nature, – who is fully ready after all? But on the call of the soul, of an irresistible attraction to an Ideal however difficult or the Master in whose form the Divine has come to us. Once we are conscious of the call then the rest is simply an unfolding through Time. The call, once felt invariably stands. It is this that determines the results of the yoga, whether in a short period of time or through long circuitous path. Besides the Grace of the Divine Mother is there and in the end no power or difficulty can stand for long before It’s action supported by our faith and aspiration.

The way to increase faith therefore is to call Her Name, to read Her books, to surround oneself by Her photographs and music and Presence. As a corollary to keep away from all that obstructs Her Workings or wandering into paths that exercise a contrary pull upon our nature.


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