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At the Feet of The Mother

Reading the Script of God, p. 193

Opening Remarks
As with every other power, this realm too tries to understand the ways of God through its own limited abilities. Though it feels a distant glimpse and a call, it is still a realm of Ignorance and the veil is not yet lifted without which the real sense is lost.

No way is sure
In her mazes of approach and of retreat
To every side she draws him and repels,
But drawn too near escapes from his embrace;
All ways she leads him but no way is sure.

This realm abounds in imagination that leads us in every direction, only to draw it back again to ‘reality.’ And when it believes that it has finally come very close, the Truth it is seeking, suddenly seems to go farther. Trying out several ways, it still remains unsure.

Allured by her marvel
Allured by the many-toned marvel of her chant,
Attracted by the witchcraft of her moods
And moved by her casual touch to joy and grief,
He loses himself in her but wins her not.

Our being attracted by her ways and marvels, drawn by her enchantment and magical moods can easily get trapped and lost in her colourful bubbles that conjure reality. It begins to rule him turning him slowly into a captive of this land of imagination.

Dreams and fantasies
A fugitive paradise smiles at him from her eyes:
He dreams of her beauty made for ever his,
He dreams of his mastery her limbs shall bear,
He dreams of the magic of her breasts of bliss.

Man builds a paradise, an ideal Utopian world of his fantasies and dreams. For a while he rests there. Yet every such paradise turns out to be ephemeral and fugitive. The beauty and joy fades away, the mind and heart tire and the paradise is lost. It not built by the power of feelings and imagination rather than on secure grounds of Truth.

Fanciful translation
In her illumined script, her fanciful
Translation of God’s pure original text,
He thinks to read the Scripture Wonderful,
Hieratic key to unknown beatitudes.

He hopes to grasp the meaning of life with his fanciful imagination illumining the script. He hopes to thus unlock the doors of beatitude through the scripture wonderful.

The Word of Life
But the Word of Life is hidden in its script,
The chant of Life has lost its divine note.

But the true key is missing. The real sense of life, its inner meaning is concealed deep within. Its charm and call has lost the divine note.

Closing Remarks
The real key to life is not found on the surfaces, nor can imagination yield us the intrinsic truth. Utopia cannot be built by the power of feelings and imaginations alone. Something else, something greater is needed.

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