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At the Feet of The Mother

Realisation of the Self


My present consciousness does not like to concentrate on anything or on any definite object. It remains simply ‘spread out’. What is meant by that?

I presume you mean that you are living in the consciousness of the Self which is everywhere spread out throughout existence. That is how one usually experiences it.

You have spoken of spreading out the Brahmic consciousness where one begins to lose the ego. What is this Brahmic or Brahman consciousness? Spread out where?

In the wideness of the Self and of the universal Divine Consciousness — these two together are the Brahman consciousness.

I feel what you want all of us to do is to detach at least one part of our being and unite it inwardly with the Mother. So that however low our immediate condition or fall, that part will keep us in contact with her light and truth. No amount of falls, frustrations and depressions (after all most of us can’t avoid such things on the way) will have any lasting effect on us.

Yes, that is the first necessity.

That inner contact with the Mother automatically weakens the fundamental power of the forces of the Darkness and Ignorance. This perhaps is one of the highest gains in our sadhana.


We are not fully conscious all the time and in all conditions. Therefore we shall miss that unity at times, especially when the darkness has veiled the heart and the inner being.

Even then the self ought not to be veiled — it must recover consciousness.

As one part of our being is always in the Mother it will become a channel to the other parts for the needed help.


… the part of my being which is stationed in the higher self has to come down to work for the change of the human nature. It says, “Oh, now I am a part of the Divine and yet I have to descend and dwell with the lower physical nature.” I suppose, you would agree that in my previous birth I must have been a sannyasin, seeking for Nirvana.

Maybe — but it is a natural reluctance even if one is not after Nirvana.

A time comes when one reaches a consciousness which is full of sheer silence, peace, bliss and freedom. They are so rich, deep and intoxicating at least to our human experience that one may not take the trouble to march forward. One may choose to remain plunged in them forever.

It is the goal for most Yogas, but for us it is the beginning and basis. For it is the state of spiritual liberation which was all they wanted.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.