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At the Feet of The Mother

Realms of Ideal Mentality, pp. 260-261

Opening Remarks
There is a realm of Ideal mentality that is freer and luminous than our labouring mind. It is this that Aswapati turns to explore.

Wonder space
Arriving into his ken a wonder space
Of great and marvellous meetings called his steps,
Where Thought leaned on a Vision beyond thought
And shaped a world from the Unthinkable.

Aswapati enters a wonder space where he is met with marvellous and great energies and beings. Here though begins to change into sight and gives form to a world drawing its force and breath from the formless Unthinkable Beyond.

Splendours of Ideal Mind
On peaks imagination cannot tread,
In the horizons of a tireless sight,
Under a blue veil of eternity
The splendours of ideal Mind were seen
Outstretched across the boundaries of things known.

This realm of an Ideal Mind is beyond what our imagination can conceive. Aswapati sees the splendours of the ideal Mind by the power of developing sight. A blue veil guards it from eternity.

The luminous ceiling
Origin of the little that we are,
Instinct with the endless more that we must be,
A prop of all that human strength enacts,
Creator of hopes by earth unrealised,
It spreads beyond the expanding universe;
It wings beyond the boundaries of Dream,
It overtops the ceiling of life’s soar.

This is the boundary line from which our mind is born and in which are embedded our still greater and higher possibilities. It is the support of all we do, the strength that inspires and moves us towards great unrealised things, the hope of the future. Spreading beyond the expanding universe it wings beyond the boundaries of dream worlds and is placed above the limits of Life-Heavens.

Luminous sphere
Awake in a luminous sphere unbound by Thought,
Exposed to omniscient immensities,
It casts on our world its great crowned influences,
Its speed that outstrips the ambling of the hours,
Its force that strides invincibly through Time,
Its mights that bridge the gulf twixt man and God,
Its lights that combat Ignorance and Death.

This luminous realm of Ideal Mind not bound by thought is open to omniscient immensities that look upon the world and cast its luminous influence to change the course of things. Its lights fight against ignorance and death and fill the gulfs between man’s force and God.

Ideal Space
In its vast ambit of ideal Space
Where beauty and mightiness walk hand in hand,
The Spirit’s truths take form as living Gods
And each can build a world in its own right.

In this vast ideal Space beauty and mightiness walk together and the aspects and truths of the Spirit take on the form of living Gods. Each such God goes on to create an ideal world in its own right.

Unerring light
In an air which doubt and error cannot mark
With the stigmata of their deformity,
In communion with the musing privacy
Of a truth that sees in an unerring light
Where the sight falters not nor wanders thought,
Exempt from our world’s exorbitant tax of tears,
Dreaming its luminous creations gaze
On the Ideas that people eternity.

This was a region where the first step towards certitude of knowledge could be taken. Doubt and error had no place in this domain, only an expanding curve of knowledge. The deformation introduced by the proneness of error was removed since there was the direct seeing in a light that errs not. The sight does not distort the truth that is seen and the thought strays not from its target. The tax of tears and pain that humanity pays for knowledge is not there due to freedom from error. Such was the luminous gaze of the beings of this region who mused on the Ideas that emerge from eternity.

Masters of the Ideal
In a sun-blaze of joy and absolute power
Above the Masters of the Ideal throne
In sessions of secure felicity,
In regions of illumined certitude.

These luminous beings whom we know as the great gods and original seers are Masters of this world and sit upon the Ideal’s throne. They dwell in kingdoms of a secure felicity and illumined certitude of truth in the sun-blaze regions of joy and absolute power.

Closing Remarks
Beyond our struggling human mind there exists an Ideal world of Truth and Light where grief and error have no place. The beings of this world exist in a self-luminous light and perfect sight. These are the high Heavens of the Mind. It is the reflection of this world in our mentality that creates the urge towards an ideal world here.

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