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At the Feet of The Mother

Recent Elections in India: Some Psychological, Occult and Spiritual Perspectives

First thing first. The limitations of parliamentary democracy are becoming increasingly clear all over the world. To continue with it is like continuing to play with an old worn-out ball that has not only outlived its purpose but is becoming increasingly unpredictable (and hence subject to be misused) by all kinds of forces. There is a need to replace it but that is a different and wider subject. Suffice it to say that as long as we believe in this flawed system and treat janata as Janardan and nar as Narayan, as long as we take Constitution as a Bible whose word is a brahmavakia, a word of God, we cannot hope for the Divine Victory which should be our sole consideration. We are living in a new era of many churnings and experiments until the world is attuned a little closer to the Divine Idea. The Mother indicated something very interestingly: “The greatness of a country does not depend on the victory of a party, but on the union of all the parties” [October 8, 1969].

What we see now are two coalitions or comings together of parties. One is very clearly constituted of forces that, despite their differences, believe in the unity of India. The other group unequivocally clearly stands for the breaking off and disintegration of India, regardless of what they may profess or claim. Of course, the second group is supported by many forces from outside. The present ruling coalition is clearly standing for bringing together all outside fragments of India into its fold. But it is yet unable to integrate the internal divisions. It is far from easy task but it certainly cannot be done through appeasement of fragmented sections, especially the Muslims. Here we see a strange inner contradiction within the winning party. It is shaky in its dealings with either the Hindu majority and is equally unsure about the way it should handle the Muslim minority. It left many loose ends such as not implementing UCC, bold decisions such as removing special privileges based on religious differences such as the Waqf and Madrasas with the covert idea of not displeasing the community. It has only strengthened the monster.

It is important to bring true equality before the law ASAP. Special privileges should be only for those in poverty and with a view to bring them out rather than live on doles. This means making reservations time-bound. The more we dilly-dally with bold decisions the more we give strength to these forces. In other words, there was a disconnect between the top decision-making authorities and ground realities. The core voters who love India were taken for granted. There were other internal contradictions which need not be mentioned such as taking people with opposing ideologies and keeping away those who were aligned in the hope of building a false image of a secular party which has no specific religious affiliation.

Another other grave error was overconfidence which led to a certain kind of arrogance pushing decisions based on personal ambitions rather than ground realities. The stated ‘400 paar’ goal alerted and alarmed the opposition whereas made the voters aligned to the party’s ideology rather lax.

Most importantly and perhaps the most serious error was to place a person as if he is synonymous with the nation. Napoleon, a Vibhuti fell due to this error and so did Indira Gandhi. A great humility is required to be a divine instrument, not humility before the people but humility before the Divine. Somewhere the deviation was subtly taking place and this must have led to jealousies, coteries and forces of ill will and hatred become active.

Finally, if one wants the full divine help it is important to understand what the Divine Vision of India is. There is lack of clarity on this subject and when the vision is clouded, the action gets flawed.

No doubt in the present state BJP is the best bet for India and the present Prime Minister the best of them all. But there is a lot of room for improvement and perhaps this little dip has come as a wakeup call not to ignore certain fundamental issues anymore.

While much good has happened, it is important to realise that the way an elite looks at India and her goals is confined to a few. Most persons are stuck to local issues and the behaviour of local legislators. Certainly, these were not carefully selected and the day to day problems of people were perhaps ignored thereby creating anti-incumbency and dissatisfaction. After all most human beings are concerned about their immediate issues and don’t much care about the larger vision.

Whatever it be this is a passing phase, a learning lesson, a reminder to grow sincere and humble and true to the mission of India. Not to build an India of Gandhian model but the India of Sri Aurobindo’s dreams and along the lines he has foreseen. Of course, this party is trying but they should not underestimate the forces that oppose India’s development. They are like the adverse forces that attack mercilessly at the slightest chink in the armour. I am sure by Her Grace they will become conscious and take the needed steps to seal the gaps in the armour. It is a small setback which through sincere introspection can become a means for a great forward thrust, a stepping back for a great leap.

The Mother’s Will will be done and everything is a step towards that. Nothing can stop the rise of India. The Asura can delay a little but the lion of Durga has begun to roar and it is only a matter of little more time that the great goddess will rise fully and the Light of her limbs shall spread in all the quarters of India and from there shed its lustre upon the world. But it is important all the more and for this very reason to remain steadfast on the side of Truth. For us of course there is but only one way, to give ourselves fully to the New Creation and press forward towards the intended spiritual evolution. The more we move in that direction the more it will nourish and strengthen the soul of India and rebuild her inner being and outer body along the lines of the new Yuga Dharma.

The issues at stake and the forces at play are much greater than individuals and nations: “Ours is neither a political nor a social but a spiritual goal. What we want is a transformation of the individual consciousness, not a change of regime or government. For reaching that goal we put no confidence in any human means, however powerful; our trust is in the Divine Grace alone. For us here there is only one thing that counts. We aspire for the Divine, live for the Divine, act for the Divine.”  [The Mother, July 1956]

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