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At the Feet of The Mother

Receptivity of Humanity to the New Light 

All changes in humanity, individually and collectively, start with the mind as an idea or an intuition that seizes us as a gleam from some distant sun. Once the idea is accepted by the mind, it percolates into life and finally touches the body. It is only when it is fixed in the body, established in the physical mind of man that it realises itself as a permanent change. Otherwise, the new idea-force slowly withdraws and evaporates.

So when the physical accepts the New Light fully and a certain number of human beings become open and receptive, that would mean a progressive eventual transformation of the body itself into a luminous body sharing divine properties and qualities. It would mean that the body will become responsive to the Divine Will without needing to pass through the mind. It would also mean that the body will be able to resist the forces of disintegration and disease and eventually escape from the law of Death in those who are ready for the transformation. It would finally mean, as a result the emergence of a New Race of divine beings with a divinised body.

But even before that, in fact much before that, the pressure of the New Light is bound to modify the human mind enough to express a new mode of life, an intuitive life bringing as its outcome radical changes in our way of seeing and doing things, changes with far reaching impacts in all the fields of human activities.

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