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At the Feet of The Mother

Remember and Offer

All this takes different outer forms in different people, but the essence of it is in the state of inner remembrance of Her through Her Name, Maa, or Her form or both.

The initial remembrance takes the form of a quiet inner concentration upon her before starting the work and again after completing it. The Remembrance is done by concentrating within the heart for a few moments and giving oneself in Her hands. One may pray for Her Force and Light and Peace to flow through oneself and later an offering of Gratitude to Her. As much as possible one remains inwardly concentrated upon the heart on Her while doing the work. Initially one forgets and tends to flow outward into works. But with practice it becomes easy.

Later an inner state of faith, aspiration and surrender is created an a moment is enough to put one in contact with Her who then takes charge of the action and its execution as well. One has to also shift the motive from satisfying one’s ambition and desires to making action as a means to serve Her and grow in union with Her.

The sign is a growing impersonality of action, an absence of preference about the results and an ease and perfection of the action, yogah karmasu kausalam. One does what needs to be done unaffected by praise or blame and yet does all as a worship and in reference to Her.


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