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At the Feet of The Mother

Resetting and Realigning Our Lives

1 Between the infinitesimal and the Infinite  

Some say that the crisis is due to an infinitesimally small virus that comes mysteriously alive in a living organism feeding upon the energy of its host. Others say it is the will of the Infinite, or God who has inflicted upon mankind a corrective measure. It is like a massive surgery of the earth that is going on to rectify if not radically cure a long malaise and disease that had engulfed mankind. The scars of the surgery and its after-effects will take time to recover but it is hoped that in the end we shall wake up to a healthier and happier life. Whether we take it as an attack by a microbe or we take it as the Will of God it is in man that we have to find the meeting point of the two. Indeed, man is precisely caught between the infinitesimal and the Infinite. For we see that evolution arising from the dust of infinitesimal particles climbs up to man slowly but unconsciously. It knows neither the purpose of creation nor the intent of the Creator. But man is precisely that middle term when the unconscious evolution must cross over to become a conscious one. With man creation enters a new phase since it is given to man to discover the purpose and the intent in all things.

2 Man and the microbe

Coming to the infinitesimal microbe and virus, it must find a way to penetrate through our human defenses and invade us in such a devastating manner. The final answer therefore will not lie in discovering this or that vaccine or medicine. These are needed for the moment but we must remember that these are ultimately only temporary measures to rock our shaking boat of life towards less stormy isles. But the storms are bound to rise again and again. We have to find some lasting answer, the radical remedy, the permanent solution. That has to be found eventually in strengthening our body’s defenses.

Our body has been left to develop unconsciously, instinctively, almost as an animal body. True that much of our body is indeed built the animal way but there is something in us which is unlike the animals. It is the will to know and seek and improve and progress consciously. We can improve upon our body too consciously. It is given to us and is our proper dharma of living. It is in this direction that we have to look now, towards ways and means of improving our body’s defenses by inner and outer means until we can arrive at a near complete immunity against all illness and even accidents. Is it possible, the pragmatic man may retort, especially one who is hypnotized by paradigms that rely and focus almost exclusively on external means for healing and cure. But the idealist dreamer will answer that the march of mankind and even the history of Science and medicine is a story of the impossible becoming possible. It is just that we have to change the focus and the direction of our search and research.

We have searched much outside. Perhaps we must begin to search what lies within us, from natural herbs that the body generates to the energies of healing and the impact of thoughts and feelings upon the body. The science of prevention must enlarge its scope from the gross to the subtle, from matter to mind, from outer methods to inner processes. It is towards this, towards exploring new possibilities of our body that the virus is pushing us.

3 Resetting and realigning our lives

Coming to the Infinite, man must find a way to align with the Will of the Creator. He must discover ways and means to be in harmony not only within himself but also with the world around. Here too he must find the path within him. Religions may place in our hands a book or a scripture as a set of doctrines that claims to tell us what is God’s Will in creation. But books are a limitation; at best they can be give us useful hints and luminous suggestions, at worst they can become rigid dogmas or artificial and even misleading lights since often disconnected from their context of Time and Space. We must reconnect ourselves, reconnect not only with our own soul but also with the soul of Nature and the soul in all things. That after all is the ultimate crux of all religions and the definition of spirituality. It is to reset the secret bond with all things, the bond of oneness that our hyperactivity of the mind has lost. In this direction too we are being led by the secret Wisdom of Nature that has come garbed in the form of adversity.

Let us hope that when the wave of destruction has passed away as it must sooner than later, what we have is not only a cleaner air but also a cleaner and clearer mind, a kinder and nobler heart, and, a life that is in sympathy with all lives.


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