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At the Feet of The Mother

Samadhi in the Infinite, pp. 319-320

Opening remarks
Aswapati is now absorbed in the Infinite. He is now turned towards the Transcendent Source of all things.

Splendour and a Symbol
A Splendour and a Symbol wrapped the earth,
Serene epiphanies looked and hallowed vasts
Surrounded, wise infinitudes were close
And bright remotenesses leaned near and kin.

Aswapati is far from the surface world as another world of splendour is seen wrapping the earth as a mantle. Serene epiphanies with visions of the great Gods who are in themselves infinite and absolute surrounded him. The luminous ones from far off heights began to draw closer and nearer.

Mysterious seas
Sense failed in that tremendous lucency;
Ephemeral voices from his hearing fell
And Thought potent no more sank large and pale
Like a tired god into mysterious seas.

In that tremendous light, sense failed and the voices of the world fell from the ears. Thought sank as if powerless and lustreless, as a tired god vanishing into the mysterious fathomless sea having accomplished its work and returning back to His Origin and Source.

Omnipotent’s unmoving peace.
The robes of mortal thinking were cast down
Leaving his knowledge bare to absolute sight;
Fate’s driving ceased and Nature’s sleepless spur:
The athlete heavings of the will were stilled
In the Omnipotent’s unmoving peace.

The robes of mortal thinking were dropped replaced by a bare and absolute sight. The wheel of Fate stopped and Nature’s spur to move the engine of life ceased. The straining and striving will was stilled in the wide infinite Omnipotent’s Peace. Here the thought is described as a robe in which Truth dresses itself to reach us. But we can know what Truth is in its reality only when we climb beyond thought and grow into an absolute sight.

Immense regard of immortality
Life in his members lay down vast and mute;
Naked, unwalled, unterrified it bore
The immense regard of Immortality.

The force of life entered a vast and silent state. Freed from limits and boundaries it bore without fear the immense regard of Immortality, of the deathless Immortal state that it can grow into.

All grew still
The last movement died and all at once grew still.

The last remnants of movements died and all grew still.

Shoreless trance
A weight that was the unseen Transcendent’s hand
Laid on his limbs the Spirit’s measureless seal,
Infinity swallowed him into shoreless trance.

Absorbed in a trance where no beginning or end is seen and only Infinity Is, he experienced the weight of the unseen Transcendent’s hand laying the Spirit’s measureless seal upon his limbs. Nature is now completely stilled and absorbed into her Divine Origin.

Closing Remarks
Wrapped in the trance of the Infinite in realms where nothing mortal can stay, Aswapati waited for the Transcendent’s Will to unfold.

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