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At the Feet of The Mother

Satyavan Concludes, pp. 405-406

Opening Remarks
Satyavan concludes his first introduction centred around the subtle truths of his inner being and the way he looks and relates with people and life.

Portions of Self
In men I met strange portions of a Self
That sought for fragments and in fragments lived:
Each lived in himself and for himself alone
And with the rest joined only fleeting ties;
Each passioned over his surface joy and grief,
Nor saw the Eternal in his secret house.

Satyavan has seen life very differently than what ordinarily we do. His sense of universality awakened by dwelling amidst the vast expanse of the woods has made him see in others the aspects of the One Self. Unconscious of this One Self they lived only for their ego-self alone or joined with others on the surfaces of life through fleeting ties of common joys and grief while missing the Eternal who dwells within all.

Conversed with Nature
I conversed with Nature, mused with the changeless stars,
God’s watch-fires burning in the ignorant Night,
And saw upon her mighty visage fall
A ray prophetic of the Eternal’s sun.

Solitude is the soul’s opportunity to converse with the spirit that moves Nature, her occult Wisdom. One can discover the sign language of God through the vast expanse of material nature, the stars as guides and the sun as a symbol of the intuition hidden in the heart of Nature that sees far ahead.

The forest sages
I sat with the forest sages in their trance:
There poured awakening streams of diamond light,
I glimpsed the presence of the One in all.

Sitting with the forest sages, Satyavan felt the pouring of the highest Light in which he could glimpse the presence of the One in all.

Matter slept empty of its Lord
But still there lacked the last transcendent power
And Matter still slept empty of its Lord.

But still the last mystery was left. The matter was still to be fully conscious and awake to the Divine Presence within.

The Spirit was saved
The Spirit was saved, the body lost and mute
Lived still with Death and ancient Ignorance;
The Inconscient was its base, the Void its fate.

Man could find a way of escape of his soul from the grip of material nature but his body remained subject to Death and Ignorance with the Inconscient as its base and an eventual collapse of the Nihil Void, its fate.

But thou hast come
But thou hast come and all will surely change:
I shall feel the World-Mother in thy golden limbs
And hear her wisdom in thy sacred voice.

Satyavan concludes with a ring of great hope that with Savitri’s coming his life would surely change. He shall see the World-Mother in her golden limbs and receive pearls of wisdom in her voice.

Reborn in God
The child of the Void shall be reborn in God,
My Matter shall evade the Inconscient’s trance.

Sensing the secret divinity in Savitri he intuitively feels that with her coming his bodily life shall also house God and its constituting matter shall evade the grip of Inconscient and Death.

Body and spirit shall be free
My body like my spirit shall be free.

Satyavan has an intuitive faith that with Savitri’s coming his body too shall be freed from the law of death even as his spirit is free.

Escape from Death
It shall escape from Death and Ignorance.”

Satyavan trusts that with Savitri’s coming his body too shall escape death and ignorance.

Closing Remarks
One can see clearly that Satyavan is no ordinary soul. He is already a realized being who is now seeking the way towards the fulfilment of highest possibility, that is to say, a transmutation of the bodily life itself.

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.