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At the Feet of The Mother

Satyavan Invites Savitri, p. 402

Opening Remarks
After welcoming Savitri with beautiful speech, Satyavan now invites her to his home, a hermitage nearby.

Creepered hermitage
Close is my father’s creepered hermitage
Screened by the tall ranks of these silent kings,
Sung to by voices of the hue-robed choirs
Whose chants repeat transcribed in music’s notes
The passionate coloured lettering of the boughs
And fill the hours with their melodious cry.

Satyavan now describes his father’s hermitage where he too stays with his parents looking after them. It is creepered and surrounded with tall trees inhabited by birds that sing and chant musical notes from coloured boughs and fill the hours with their melodious cry.

Opulent life
Amid the welcome-hum of many bees
Invade our honied kingdom of the woods;
There let me lead thee into an opulent life.

The hum of bees will welcome her into the forest kingdom of Satyavan full of sweetness and riches of the Spirit.

Bare and simple
Bare, simple is the sylvan hermit-life;
Yet is it clad with the jewelry of earth.

There he leads a bare and simple hermit-life that is yet clad with the jewel trees and shrubs and green and gold of earth.

Rich secrecy
Wild winds run—visitors midst the swaying tops,
Through the calm days heaven’s sentinels of peace
Couched on a purple robe of sky above
Look down on a rich secrecy and hush
And the chambered nuptial waters chant within.

The wild winds make visitations there in a place that is otherwise calm amidst the peaceful hills. The hills are couched with the purple sky as robe above and look down on a rich silence. The nearby streams chant their hymns in that secret hush.

Forest gods
Enormous, whispering, many-formed around
High forest gods have taken in their arms
The human hour, a guest of their centuried pomps.

The enormous high forest gods hold in their arms the tread of human time that is as a guest amidst their long centuries of pomps.

Resting chamber fit for thee
Apparelled are the morns in gold and green,
Sunlight and shadow tapestry the walls
To make a resting chamber fit for thee.”

Satyavan invites Savitri to a chamber where she could rest. It is a space of nature where sunlight and shadow play to tapestry the walls and are coloured in gold and green of forest trees.

Closing Remarks
Satyavan finds beauty and joy in everything and sees the touch of divinity even in difficult and adverse conditions.

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