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At the Feet of The Mother

Satyavan’s Schooling, pp. 404-405

Opening Remarks
Satyavan is already inwardly awake. Each experience of Nature serves as a catalyst to open the doors of knowledge within him. He sees the same things but with a deeper soul vision and an awakened inner being.

Deeper country of the soul
As if to a deeper country of the soul
Transposing the vivid imagery of earth,
Through an inner seeing and sense a wakening came.

Though the scene was communicated through the outer sense, yet it was the soul that transposed its vision upon the earth scenery through an awakened inner sense.

Seize the soul
A visioned spell pursued my boyhood’s hours,
All things the eye had caught in coloured lines
Were seen anew through the interpreting mind
And in the shape it sought to seize the soul.

This inner sense was awake in him even during his boyhood as if everything was seen through the interpreting higher mind trying to seize the soul through outer forms.

An early child-god took my hand that held,
Moved, guided by the seeking of his touch,
Bright forms and hues which fled across his sight;
Limned upon page and stone they spoke to men.

His awakened soul guided his hands to sculptor and art and painting bringing out the essential delight in things.

High beauty’s visitants my intimates were.

With his inner vision he could perceive the beauty behind the forms.

Silence of the soul
The neighing pride of rapid life that roams
Wind-maned through our pastures, on my seeing mood
Cast shapes of swiftness; trooping spotted deer
Against the vesper sky became a song
Of evening to the silence of my soul.

In the eventide as he saw the horses neighing and galloping through the pastures or the spotted deer swiftly jumping against the sky it turned into a song in his soul.

Thoughts of God
I caught for some eternal eye the sudden
King-fisher flashing to a darkling pool;
A slow swan silvering the azure lake,
A shape of magic whiteness, sailed through dream;
Leaves trembling with the passion of the wind,
Pranked butterflies, the conscious flowers of air,
And wandering wings in blue infinity
Lived on the tablets of my inner sight;
Mountains and trees stood there like thoughts from God.

The kingfisher darting into the pool, the swan gliding through the blue lake as a magical dream-shape, leaves trembling as if responding to the touch and passion of the winds, the butterfly, the flowers, the birds winging through the skies, the mountains and trees standing as thoughts from the Creator, were all caught by his inner eye as if by an eternal witness of earthly scenes.

Frescoed wall
The brilliant long-bills in their vivid dress,
The peacock scattering on the breeze his moons
Painted my memory like a frescoed wall.

The bill-bird and the peacock dancing with the breeze filled the walls of his memory as if with fresco paintings.

Eternal Voice
I carved my vision out of wood and stone;
I caught the echoes of a word supreme
And metred the rhythm-beats of infinity
And listened through music for the eternal Voice.

He carved his inner seeing upon wood and stone. In poetry and music he listened through an inner ear for the eternal Voice, the first stir of creation.

The World-Mother’s Feet
I felt a covert touch, I heard a call,
But could not clasp the body of my God
Or hold between my hands the World-Mother’s feet.

Through these and in all things he felt a touch and a call of divinity but could not clasp God’s body or hold the World-Mother’s Feet. He felt God in the ever-changing world.

Closing Remarks
When the inner being is open then all experiences bring out a deeper knowledge from within.

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