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At the Feet of The Mother

Savitri 1: The Supreme Revelation (TH 103)

After writing most of the major works like Synthesis of yoga, Ideal of human unity, The Life Divine etc, Sri Aurobindo was preparing the humanity for something special, for a unique Light of Consciousness that had never manifested so far. It was this supreme gift that He gave to man in the form of Savitri. Savitri is the story of God written by God himself, His and Her human birth, their growth and manifestation in this mortal world and the sweetness of Grace and the labour of Love culminating in the transformation of nature. The birth of Satyavan is the birth of human aspiration, its quest and struggle and Savitri is the answer of that aspiration. The whole poem deals with all the questions raised in human life and the answers to the riddle and enigma of creation. It is a perfect cosmic poem so to say.

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