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At the Feet of The Mother

Savitri 2: Her Human Birth (TH 104)

When the whole world was in the midst of thick ignorance, the Divine Mother descended on earth, took a human birth and also physically took the burden of humanity. The birth of Savitri symbolizes this unique phenomenon. Though she took a human birth, she was not limited to human pettiness. She never forgot why she came. With all the high and wide consciousness, she accepted the human life and its challenges so that she can transform and find out a way for the whole humanity. But the earth and humanity is not ready to accept this high Knowledge and light. It stands against its own growth. It resists the Light so to say. That is why each great divine personality suffers as they carry the burden of collective ignorance of humanity. Savitri too suffers and pay the price but she persists in her mission.

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