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At the Feet of The Mother

Savitri — “All is Explained Well”


Well, well, I have corrected some thing that you had given me. Not the whole. I have corrected six pages. But is this French? I have made a lot of changes. Have you brought the rest?

Yes, Mother.

It is good, I will correct slowly, but it takes time.

Mother, will You also add something?

Oh, the other one![1] I will insert it somewhere appropriate.

But you know, the one who has typed it has made several mistakes. Oh, so many mistakes. I have corrected it again. And I shall have it re-typed and then I shall give you a copy.

… In fact, I have corrected it, and I shall have it retyped, and then I shall give you a copy.

Yes, Mother.

And the other one[2], I have just started, it will take a lot of time.

That does not matter, Mother.

There is a lot to correct.

Yes, that You could correct. But Mother, You must add some things that are missing, so that it may become a marvellous thing and absolutely complete.

I will see what I can do with this.

Yes, Mother, You will do this, much better.

I hope.

And Mother, You will at least add this: “Why Savitri has come down?” This You had told me, but I do not remember very well. Will You add this, Mother?

Why Savitri has come down?

Yes, Mother.

But it is written in the book. All is explained well…. No? (Mother laughs)

Mother, You are…

But everything is told there, then why do you want me to explain all this?

And You will add, Mother, clearly, who is Savitri. You. And how Savitri transcends time and space — it is an Eternal Book.

I shall see, my child, if at that time the inspiration comes to me. I shall do as He wants. It will be as He wants. I shall see, my child, I can say nothing. Let me correct it, it will not be done so quickly. And when it will be finished, I shall return your copy with my corrections. You will be happy in this way.

Yes, Mother.

What I shall do, I do not know All depends at that time, and how I do it. At least it will be something better, that I am sure. We shall see…. We shall see. It is not so urgent. (after a long silence) All depends on the inspiration….

Well, you can keep all this (the big sheets on which I had copied out the Savitri talk in big letters) on the table. I will see them little by little.

Mother, I have written with the pen that You had given me.

It is good, keep them there. I do not know when it will be finished. Once I start to correct, I make lot of changes. We will see how it stands at the end.

Mother, naturally it will be something very beautiful, and if You add something, it will be absolutely complete.

We shall see, well, it is time.



*         *

(Two pages of the corrected text)


Mother, I hope You have corrected a little more of it.

Ah, my child, it will take some time. There are lots of things to correct. I have other work to do and I do not have the time. Do not expect it so soon because I take my own time and it is not something urgent. But we shall see. We shall see what can be done with this. The other one, the one I corrected the other day, that too I shall try to include in this, in the one I am correcting now, on Savitri.

Yes, Mother, it will be good.

We shall see. I think, after I have finished correcting it, it will be a little better than what it is now. I think it will be better.

Evidently, Mother, it will be something marvellous. And if You could add why Savitri has descended, what I had requested You, then it will be something incomparable.

I do not know, my child. I can say nothing in advance. What comes to me when I correct, I do it. I cannot say what I shall do. If it comes at that moment I shall do it. That’s all…. We shall see.



The Mother corrected about six pages. In 1974 Champaklal-ji gave me back the whole manuscript, including the pages She had corrected.


[1] The talk on p. 59

[2] The talk on pp. 45-54

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