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At the Feet of The Mother

Savitri Speaks to Her Being of Light, pp. 520-521 & Closing Remarks for the Canto Four

Opening Remarks
Savitri now responds to the Madonna of Light having heard the echo from the ego-driven human mind.

Touches of the heavens
And Savitri heard the voice, the warped answer heard
And turning to her being of light she spoke:
“Madonna of light, Mother of joy and peace,
Thou art a portion of my self put forth
To raise the spirit to its forgotten heights
And wake the soul by touches of the heavens.

Having heard the Voice of Wisdom and the warped echo Savitri turned to her being of Light and spoke. Savitri addresses her as the Madonna of Light, mother of joy and peace and recognises her as a portion of herself who has been put forth from her to raise the spirit to forgotten heights from where we fell and to wake the soul by the touches of the Higher Consciousness.

Because thou art
Because thou art, the soul draws near to God;
Because thou art, love grows in spite of hate
And knowledge walks unslain in the pit of Night.

It is because of her that the soul draws near to God and love grows in spite of hate and knowledge walks unslain in the darkest abyss.

Not by showering
But not by showering heaven’s golden rain
Upon the intellect’s hard and rocky soil
Can the tree of Paradise flower on earthly ground
And the Bird of Paradise sit upon life’s boughs
And the winds of Paradise visit mortal air.

But the shower of heaven’s gold and rain of wisdom upon the hard and rocky soil of the intellect can the tree of Paradise that bears the flowers of an intuitive knowledge and love can take roots upon earth. Nor can the Bird of Paradise that brings the message of Immortality and the divine fulfilment of humanity can perch up the branches of life or the atmosphere of heavens be created here by the pouring in of knowledge alone.

Intuition’s rays
Even if thou rain down intuition’s rays,
The mind of man will think it earth’s own gleam,
His spirit by spiritual ego sink,
Or his soul dream shut in sainthood’s brilliant cell
Where only a bright shadow of God can come.

Even if she pours down the light of intuition, the mind of man will think it to be his own and his spiritual ego bloated by the higher things received may sink down. Or else his soul may shut itself into the world of the Ray, assuming brilliant cell of sainthood where only bright shadows could enter.

Bring God down
His hunger for the eternal thou must nurse
And fill his yearning heart with heaven’s fire
And bring God down into his body and life.

Yet must she nurture the spiritual hunger in man for the Eternal filling his yearning heart with high aspiration to bring God down into the clay and his mortal bodily life.

One day
One day I will return, His hand in mine,
And thou shalt see the face of the Absolute.

Savitri promises to return holding God’s hand in hers and show to Wisdom the face of the Absolute.

Holy marriage
Then shall the holy marriage be achieved,
Then shall the divine family be born.

It is only when God comes down into the clay and the marriage of Spirit and Matter takes place that the kingdom of heaven shall be established and a new race of divine beings leading a divine life in a divine body be born upon earth.

There shall be light and peace
There shall be light and peace in all the worlds.”

It is then that the dream of light and peace in all the worlds be fulfilled.

Closing Remarks
With this promise of Savitri to her being of Light, this Canto comes to a close.


Closing Remarks for the Canto Four

There is a distinction made between Soul and Nature and while it is true and needed for practical purposes, they are one in their core and essence. Nature is like the streams that emerge from the heart of the mountains, from its snowy summits as the snow melts through the action of the sun. As the streams travel down they seem to assume their independent identities with their unique course, force of the waves, until it travels down the plains sustaining life and the various creatures. Yet if we go back to their source in the mountain summits they are one with the mountains. So too with the threefold modes of the workings of Prakriti. In their works in the fields of creation that seem to be mechanical in their action and results but in their origin they have travelled down to earth from the great heights where they can be discovered in their original form and power as the goddesses and feminine energies of the Divine who consciously conduct the affairs of the world.

This is what we see here. As Savitri grows closer and closer to her soul, she discovers that the streams she has been wading upwards to the summits of her soul, she discovers that the streams of energies and forces and powers she has met on the way emerge from her own soul. Like the three streams of Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati whose junction gives us the secret of immortality so too the triple modes of nature lead us in the end to one joining point which is in our immortal soul.

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