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At the Feet of The Mother

Savitri Speaks to Satyavan’s Mother, p. 562

Opening Remarks
A brief conversation follows between Savitri and Satyavan’s mother.

Savitri prepares the background
“One year that I have lived with Satyavan
Here on the emerald edge of the vast woods
In the iron ring of the enormous peaks
Under the blue rifts of the forest sky,
I have not gone into the silences
Of this great woodland that enringed my thoughts
With mystery, nor in its green miracles
Wandered, but this small clearing was my world.

Savitri spoke to Satyavan’s mother that she has lived one year on the edge of the forest surrounded by rugged peaks under the blue clearings of the forest sky. She has not gone into the silences of the woods that often surround her thoughts with the sense of mystery. Neither has she wandered into its green wonders confining herself to the hermitage which has been her world.

Strong desire
Now has a strong desire seized all my heart
To go with Satyavan holding his hand
Into the life that he has loved and touch
Herbs he has trod and know the forest flowers
And hear at ease the birds and the scurrying life
That starts and ceases, rich far rustle of boughs
And all the mystic whispering of the woods.

Savitri says that a strong desire has taken hold of her heart to go out with Satyavan holding his hands into the life that he has loved and touch the herbs he has trod and know the forest flowers and hear at ease the birds, the small creatures running in the bushes, the rustle of boughs and the mystic whisperings of the woods.

Release me now
Release me now and let my heart have rest.”

Savitri therefore requests her mother-in-law to let her go into the forest and feel its peace and rest.

She answered
She answered: “Do as thy wise mind desires,
O calm child-sovereign with the eyes that rule.

Satyavan’s mother answered that Savitri must do as her heart desires addressing her as a calm sovereign-child who rules by her gaze.

Strong goddess
I hold thee for a strong goddess who has come
Pitying our barren days; so dost thou serve
Even as a slave might, yet art thou beyond
All that thou doest, all our minds conceive,
Like the strong sun that serves earth from above.”

She feels that Savitri is a strong goddess who has taken pity on their days to serve and take care of them of the slightest need that enters their minds just as the strong sun serves the earth even though it shines above.

Closing Remarks
Thus Savitri hides the challenge of fate she has to face today and makes a ground to go with Satyavan into the woods with the sole thought of guarding him against death.

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