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At the Feet of The Mother

Savitri Study Class 04-01 “Savitri as a Mantra”

Audio recording of the Savitri Study Class with Alok Pandey. Book 1, Canto 1.

Savitri is a mantra that reveals itself as the recipient consciousness becomes quiet and open to its influence. Savitri is, as the Mother reveals, a mantra of transformation. It is a revelation along the lines of other revelations and yet there is a difference in the level of seeing and the potency of the spiritual vibration contained within its body of seed sounds and symbol words.


The Word repeats itself in rhythmic strains:
Thought, vision, feeling, sense, the body’s self
Are seized unutterably and he endures
An ecstasy and an immortal change;
He feels a Wideness and becomes a Power,
All knowledge rushes on him like a sea:

He walks in naked heavens of joy and calm,
Sees the God-face and hears transcendent speech:
p. 375


A seed shall be sown in Death’s tremendous hour,
A branch of heaven transplant to human soil;
Nature shall overleap her mortal step;
Fate shall be changed by an unchanging will.”
p. 346


A power of fallen boundless self awake
p. 1


Too fallen to recollect forgotten bliss.
p. 2


All came back to her: Earth and Love and Doom,
The ancient disputants, encircled her
p. 9


If thou and I are true, the world is true;
p. 692


Like giant figures wrestling in the night:
The godheads from the dim Inconscient born
Awoke to struggle and the pang divine,
And in the shadow of her flaming heart,
At the sombre centre of the dire debate,
A guardian of the unconsoled abyss
Inheriting the long agony of the globe,
A stone-still figure of high and godlike Pain
Stared into Space with fixed regardless eyes
That saw grief’s timeless depths but not life’s goal.
Afflicted by his harsh divinity,
Bound to his throne, he waited unappeased
The daily oblation of her unwept tears.
All the fierce question of man’s hours relived.
The sacrifice of suffering and desire
Earth offers to the immortal Ecstasy
Began again beneath the eternal Hand.
p. 10

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