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At the Feet of The Mother

Savitri Study Class 09-01 “The Great Ascension”, pp. 28-302

Audio recording of the Savitri Study Class with Alok Pandey.

This is a kind of summary session that describes the journey of Aswapati from the moment of his soul’s release from Ignorance up till this point where he stands at the golden door that would lead him into the Unknowable Transcendent. He is preparing to go beyond the cosmic formula since his aspiration is to bring down something that has not yet manifested here in creation.:


A wide God-knowledge poured down from above,
A new world-knowledge broadened from within:
p. 44


In the Void he saw throned the Omniscience supreme.

A Will, a hope immense now seized his heart,
And to discern the superhuman’s form
He raised his eyes to unseen spiritual heights,
p. 76


He stood compelled to a tremendous choice.
p. 306


As thus it rose, to meet him bare and pure
A strong Descent leaped down. A Might, a Flame,
A Beauty half-visible with deathless eyes,
A violent Ecstasy, a Sweetness dire,

In a moment shorter than death, longer than Time,
p. 81


If earth were all and this were not in her,
Thought could not be nor life-delight’s response:
Only material forms could then be her guests
Driven by an inanimate world-force.
Earth by this golden superfluity
Bore thinking man and more than man shall bear;
p. 99


It had no grace of error or defeat,
It had no room for fault, no power to fail.
p. 113


Of beings less circumscribed than brief-lived men
p. 28


A dark ambiguous Presence questioned all.
p. 130


Even Light and Love by that cloaked danger’s spell
Turned from the brilliant nature of the gods
To fallen angels and misleading suns,
p. 203


He saw in Night the Eternal’s shadowy veil,
Knew death for a cellar of the house of life,
In destruction felt creation’s hasty pace,
Knew loss as the price of a celestial gain
And hell as a short cut to heaven’s gates.
p. 231


A giant drop of the Bliss unknowable
Overwhelmed his limbs and round his soul became
A fiery ocean of felicity;
p. 237


THIS too must now be overpassed and left,
As all must be until the Highest is gained
In whom the world and self grow true and one:
Till That is reached our journeying cannot cease.
p. 238


By knowing too much they missed the whole to be known:
The fathomless heart of the world was left unguessed
And the Transcendent kept its secrecy.
p. 271


Out of our thoughts we must leap up to sight,

Dare to surrender to her absolute.
p. 276


To be was a prison, extinction the escape.
p. 288


The ages are the footfalls of her tread,

One arm half-parted the eternal veil.

He fell down at her feet unconscious, prone.
pp. 295-296


In that high realm where no untruth can come,
Where all are different and all is one,
In the Impersonal’s ocean without shore
The Person in the World-Spirit anchored rode;
It thrilled with the mighty marchings of World-Force,
Its acts were the comrades of God’s infinite peace.

There consciousness was a close and single weft;
The far and near were one in spirit-space,
The moments there were pregnant with all time.
The superconscient’s screen was ripped by thought,
p. 301


His brain was wrapped in overwhelming light,
p. 302

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