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At the Feet of The Mother

Savitri Study Class 21-01 “The Journey Beyond the Psychic Realisation”, p. 538

Savitri Study Class in English with Alok Pandey, Book 7 Canto 6

Savitri has found her soul. It is state of felicity and peace that radiates naturally on all life around it even as the fragrance of a flower. But there is more to do, a work to accomplish. She is here to open the integral Path for man. She is now given the command to enter God’s Vast by completely annulling the ego-self. A new stage of her journey begins, towards the Transcendent Reality, the Absolute beyond all that is.

Thus spoke the mighty and uplifting Voice,
And Savitri heard; she bowed her head and mused
Plunging her deep regard into herself
In her soul’s privacy in the silent Night.

Aloof and standing back detached and calm,
A witness of the drama of herself,
A student of her own interior scene,
She watched the passion and the toil of life
And heard in the crowded thoroughfares of mind
The unceasing tread and passage of her thoughts.

All she allowed to rise that chose to stir;
Calling, compelling nought, forbidding nought,
She left all to the process formed in Time
And the free initiative of Nature’s will.

Thus following the complex human play
She heard the prompter’s voice behind the scenes,
Perceived the original libretto’s set
And the organ theme of the composer Force.

All she beheld that surges from man’s depths,
The animal instincts prowling mid life’s trees,
The impulses that whisper to the heart
And passion’s thunder-chase sweeping the nerves;
She saw the Powers that stare from the Abyss
And the wordless Light that liberates the soul.

Savitri 538

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