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At the Feet of The Mother

The Extraordinary Power of Savitri


Some days when I went to the Mother, if She found that something was not all right with me or something was tormenting me, She would ask me the reason for it. Often I could not reply. Then She would say: “Let us see if we can find out what is disturbing you.” She would take up Savitri, concentrate for a while, open it with a paper cutter and pinpoint a passage. Invariably the lines contained the answer to my problem and I would feel relieved. She told me to try it out for myself.

On one occasion, the Mother spoke to me about the extraordinary power of Savitri.

Later I noted down what She had said, and took it to the Mother.


What is it again?

It is a small thing on Savitri that You had told me. Do You want to hear it Mother?

Yes, read it.

(I read to Her what I had noted down)


*         *

If you are depressed, if you feel miserable, if you do not succeed in what you do or else if what happens is always the contrary of what you expect, however much you try — if it has come to such a pass that you lose your temper, life becomes disgusting and you are unhappy, then immediately take Savitri and, after a moment’s concentration, open it at any page and read. You will see that all your misery disappears like smoke. And you will have the strength to overcome the worst sorrows; you will no longer feel that which was tormenting you. Instead, you will feel a strange happiness, a reversal of consciousness along with the energy and force to conquer everything, as though there was nothing impossible. And you will feel this inexhaustible joy that purifies everything. Read just a few lines and that is enough to establish the contact with your inmost being. Such is the extraordinary power of Savitri.

Or else, after having read, if you concentrate very deeply, then too you can find the solution to what was tormenting you. You have only to open Savitri at random and without thinking and you will have the answer to your problems.

Do it with faith and simplicity, the result is certain.

(When I read out to the Mother my transcription in French of this passage, She took the text and corrected the mistakes. A portion of the corrected version is reproduced on the next page)

But this is not French; one cannot say: “the most worst sorrow”. You understand. “The most” is already a superlative and again you write “worst”. It is not correct. In French, one cannot put two superlatives. It is not possible. Correct it. Take this pen…. One can… give it to me, I will correct it. (I give the paper to the Mother) There are quite a few mistakes. (Mother corrects them)


Portion of a typed page corrected by the Mother


You can read everything now?

Just here, Mother. (I point out the place which is not clear to me. The Mother makes it clearer.)

Is it all right now?

Yes, Mother.

You will re-type it and show it to me after having inserted the corrections I have made. So many mistakes. When are you going to learn to write French correctly? It is all right now, but show it to me after you have retyped it.

Yes, Mother.

Besides, I have the English translation also…. It would have been better if I had corrected the other one, (the talk on “Savitri – A Revelation”) as I have done for this one. It needs some corrections, only it is very long. And I do not have the time.

If you write big, like this, (Mother shows how to do it) and a space in between for the correction, then I shall see it next time. I will correct it bit by bit, not the whole thing in one day, but only a portion. Like this, in a few days, I shall finish correcting it. But write it down big like this. (gesture) It would be better if I correct it. So many mistakes in French. Yes, bring it to me the next time.

Yes, Mother. And Mother, you could also add a little what I remember very vaguely ‘Why Savitri has descended, and how Savitri is beyond Time and Space.’ You can add this, Mother, so that it becomes something complete.

Yes, I shall see, you can bring it to me next time, a part; I will correct it. It needs to be done. All right.



*         *

(When I went to the Mother a week later…)


What is it?

It is on Savitri, what You had corrected last time and You had told me to re-type it and bring it to You.

It is good, I am keeping it here.

Ah, you have brought all this? (Mother looks at the big sheets on which I had copied out the text of the long talk) Have you written everything?

No, Mother, one third only.

Ah, let me see. But there is no space here to keep it on the table. You have written on the other side also?

Yes, Mother.

If it had not been like that, we could have folded it to see better. No, it is too large for this table. It is better that I correct it later. Yes, I think that I will correct it later. I will return all this next Sunday, after having corrected it. It is better like this, because I have everything I need to work comfortably. I have the light fixed behind me, so that I may see better. Here, (on this small table) I cannot work. There, I have all that I need. I shall correct it later. It is much better that way.

Mother, are the letters all right, are they big enough for you to see?

Yes, I can see it all right, I can read it easily. Only if it was a bit thicker, like this, then it would be better. But you have a thick pen, like this? You want one? I have plenty.

No, Mother, it is all right.

Then, how are you going to do it?

I shall see, Mother.

Take this, I have plenty. I give you a gift. But let me see if it is thick enough or not. Ah, it is not very thick.

Yes, Mother, what I have written is much thicker.

But it does not matter; usually, I can read this. I think, it is darker.

Yes, Mother.

Then, if you write with this, I can read easily.

But, Mother, You will not need this pen?

No, it is all right, I have enough of them. I give it to you as a gift.

Thank You, Mother.

If you write like this, I can read. There is no difficulty.

Don’t You think I should make them a little more thick?

No, it is perfectly all right. It is well done. Then, I shall correct it during the week and on Sunday next, it will be ready.

But, Mother, if You finish correcting before, then can I send You another part?

No, my child. It is perfectly all right, all this, I do not know if I will have the time to correct it. I shall see, I will try to finish it before Sunday. I do not know if I will have the time. Anyway, I shall see. It is not necessary that I correct it, because I know very well what it contains. I have heard it twice. It is perfectly all right, like this. But you know, they have asked me to read it, so that they can record it on tape. It will be for the 29th February [1968], and as it stands, it is not for the public. If they had not asked me to read it, I would not have touched it, because I have already heard it, and I passed it. It is perfectly all right what has been written. It is a correct appreciation of Savitri.

I will work on the French then we shall translate it into English with all the changes, and it will then be ready so that I could read it for the recording. I think I will finish correcting all this before Sunday, if I have the time. And I will return all this to you when I see you on Sunday, and in the meantime, you can prepare another portion….Well, you can bring the rest. I will try to finish correcting these.

I will give you a copy when I shall finish correcting. But the things that are there, I have heard them, and I have given my “blessings”. It is perfectly all right what you have written. It is correct. But it is not for everyone, that is why I will change it a bit.

Yes, Mother, that would be better. You will do something marvellous with this. And then You will also add what is missing.

I shall see. Good, it is all right.


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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.