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At the Feet of The Mother

Savitri’s Higher Self Replies, pp. 475-476

Opening Remarks
Savitri’s Higher Self (The Voice) now speaks to her responding to her state.

The Voice replied
The Voice replied: “Is this enough, O spirit?

Savitri’s Higher Self replies asking her if this is enough. The Voice addresses her as soul.

What shall thy soul say
And what shall thy soul say when it wakes and knows
The work was left undone for which it came?

The Voice further asks her as to what would her soul say when it awakens and knows that it did not fulfil the work for which it had come?

Is this all
Or is this all for thy being born on earth
Charged with a mandate from eternity,
A listener to the voices of the years,
A follower of the footprints of the gods,
To pass and leave unchanged the old dusty laws?

It reminds her if this is all (to suffer and stand helpless against fate) for which she came upon earth charged with a mandate from eternity, one who has listened to the voice of the ages and followed the footprints of gods. Will she leave unchanged the old dusty laws that govern earthly life?

No new Word
Shall there be no new tables, no new Word,
No greater light come down upon the earth
Delivering her from her unconsciousness,
Man’s spirit from unalterable Fate?

Shall there be no new law, no word of a New Creation, of a new possibility, no greater light upon earth to deliver earth from her unconsciousness and man’s spirit from unalterable Fate?

Open the doors of Fate
Cam’st thou not down to open the doors of Fate,
The iron doors that seemed for ever closed,
And lead man to Truth’s wide and golden road
That runs through finite things to eternity?

The Voice reminds her that has she not come down to open the iron doors of Fate that seem rigidly closed. Has she not come down to lead man to Truth’s wide and golden road that runs through finite transient things to eternity?

Is this the report
Is this then the report that I must make,
My head bowed with shame before the Eternal’s seat,—
His power he kindled in thy body has failed,
His labourer returns, her task undone?”

The Voice asks if this is what her Higher Self would say with head hung with shame before the Eternal that His Power kindled in Savitri’s body has failed and His labourer returns with her task undone?

Savitri’s heart fell mute
Then Savitri’s heart fell mute, it spoke no word.

Then Savitri’s troubled heart fell mute and spoke nothing.

Holding back her troubled heart
But holding back her troubled rebel heart,
Abrupt, erect and strong, calm like a hill,
Surmounting the seas of mortal ignorance,
Its peak immutable above mind’s air,
A Power within her answered the still Voice:
“I am thy portion here charged with thy work,
As thou myself seated for ever above,
Speak to my depths, O great and deathless Voice,
Command, for I am here to do thy will.”

Holding back her troubled heart she sat erect and strong and surmounting the cosmic ignorance and with her self held high above the mind, she or rather her soul empowered for God’s work answered her own Higher Self. Savitri spoke that she is indeed a portion from her own Higher Self that is charged with God’s work. She recognises the Voice as her own Self seated for ever above. She asks the great deathless Voice to speak to her depths and Command for she is indeed here to execute and fulfil and obey the Higher Will.

Closing Remarks
Savitri speaks to her Higher Self that must now command her about the work that she is here to do.

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