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At the Feet of The Mother

Seeking and Faith

Those who do not have faith (or don’t identify with it) should go on searching either by their own strength, either taking help from those who have found it or else from their written words they have left behind. It is exactly how a scientist proceeds. He either tries to find everything himself or else he learns the basics from another reliable scientist whom he trusts and reads the works that have been already done before. 

But in any case we would need faith to start with!
It is a kind of paradox but then why would one even undertake the search of something if one has no faith that such as thing exists and somehow can be found. 

So we need to convert a sceptic in us into a seeker, a true seeker and then instead of wasting time on what others have found or not found, instead of spending time and energy in destroying their evidence because we have not experienced it, just go ahead with our seeking until we find, without giving up the search right until the last breath.

It is only this sincerity of seeking that bears fruit of knowledge in the end.
To start we need to raise the right question, such as ‘who am I’, and go about analyzing and discerning until we arrive at some ground of understanding.  

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