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At the Feet of The Mother

Self-exiled, pp. 262-263

Opening Remarks
It is not some adverse power that has driven us out of our heavenly home. It is out of our own choice that we have landed here to build perfection upon earth with base material and transient things.

But now our rights are barred, our passports void;
We live self-exiled from our heavenlier home.

Having arrived here we are as if barred from entry to our heavenly home. It is as if we were given a one-way ticket for now lest we escape too soon with our work left incomplete and undone.

Errant ray
An errant ray from the immortal Mind
Accepted the earth’s blindness and became
Our human thought, servant of Ignorance.

It is as if an errant ray from these luminous states deviated to land upon earth and build its home in the blind and obscure depths of matter. Thus accepting the obscurity of matter we shared its blindness and our thoughts were overcome with obscurity and ignorance.

Lost sovereignty
An exile, labourer on this unsure globe
Captured and driven in Life’s nescient grasp,
Hampered by obscure cell and treacherous nerve,
It dreams of happier states and nobler powers,
The natural privilege of unfallen gods,
Recalling still its old lost sovereignty.

Now we live as labourers in an obscure field losing our sovereign state yet holding it somewhere in our memory. Now we are driven by the demands of an obscure life governed by darkness yet dreaming of happier states and nobler powers that are the natural privilege of gods that have stayed in those realms unlike us who ventured into this darkness.

Exiled sphere
Amidst earth’s mist and fog and mud and stone
It still remembers its exalted sphere
And the high city of its splendid birth.

Surrounded by the mist and fog and mud and stone of material existence we still remember our high and luminous home and the splendid city of our birth.

Lost heavens of Truth
A memory steals in from lost heavens of Truth,
A wide release comes near, a Glory calls,
A might looks out, an estranged felicity.

From time to time a memory steals through matter’s night from the lost heavens of Truth giving us momentary release into wideness. We feel the call of a Glory lost, the emergence of a might unknown to earth, the touch of an estranged felicity.

Heir to delight and immortality
In glamorous passages of half-veiled light
Wandering, a brilliant shadow of itself,
This quick uncertain leader of blind gods,
This tender of small lamps, this minister serf
Hired by a mind and body for earth-use
Forgets its work mid crude realities;
It recovers its renounced imperial right,
It wears once more a purple robe of thought
And knows itself the Ideal’s seer and king,
Communicant and prophet of the Unborn,
Heir to delight and immortality.

Lost amidst glamour and glitter of half-veiled light, wandering in a shadow cast from its own heights, our uncertain mind leads the blind gods of matter and life forgetting its real work amidst crude realities of earthly life. Slowly it recovers something of this lost imperial light and moves towards its royal state. It discovers its true self as the seer and king of Ideal Mind. Our human mind begins to see the far future and its speech the communicant of prophetic truth. We discover our kinship to delight and immortality.

Closing Remarks
Since it is from these high realms that we have come, we must reclaim these domains and make of this earth too an equal and peer of Heaven. It is for this that we have come colonising matter’s world.

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