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At the Feet of The Mother

Self Knowledge

Our real life is within our own self; the external is only a reflection, only a manifestation. We regard this reflection as the real thing, hence we live in perpetual falsehood.

The source of all true joy is the self; the senses and the external objects are only a means, an occasion for the manifestation of the inner delight; but in our ignorance we turn outward and follow the senses in vain search of joy.

The source of all true knowledge is the self; the mind cannot know but can only reflect the light that comes from within; yet we ceaselessly exercise our mind in search of the truth and thus live in shadow and ignorance.

The source of all true strength is the self; our body and mind are only channels for the manifestation of the inner force; yet we rely on our bodily and mental efforts for our work and thus waste our life in vain and fruitless labour.

Thou art our true self, Mother, and our true relation to Thee is in the heart of our heart. We lay too much stress on our external relations, and hence we miss the secret of our union with Thee. If we can perfect our inner relation to Thee, Mother, our external life will spontaneously become perfect, harmonious, and beautiful.

* * *

We are the real masters of our nature, and the more we realise this truth, the more the lower movements cease in us, giving place to the higher.

Nature binds us in her meshes only because we allow ourselves to be bound. We take interest in the lower movements of Nature, so they go on indefinitely. The more we yield to her promptings, the more inextricably she lays her hold upon us and uses us as her bond-slaves. But the moment we take a strong attitude, Nature begins to throw away her mask and accept us as her master.

There is no temptation Nature can bring before us which we cannot resist by a strong will; there is no pain or sorrow which we cannot bear; there is no disturbance in which we cannot keep ourselves calm; there is no situation, however hopeless or bad, out of which we cannot raise ourselves by a strong determination. Infinite and indomitable strength is in our self; we have only to realise it, and Nature will cease to trouble us and will yield to us her richest treasures.

We take refuge in Thee, Mother, so that we may know our true self and realise our true strength. The more we devote ourselves to Thee, the more we find Thee to be our own higher self, we get strength from Thy strength, life from Thy life. The moment of our complete identification with Thee, Mother, will be the moment of our highest conquest and self-realisation.

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