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At the Feet of The Mother

Serving the Mother

It is such a sweet feeling to be with the Mother all the time, to live for Her and to serve Her, and it is a natural aspiration and a prayer of a true devotee to become Her instrument.

As soon as She responds with a yes to our prayer, all happening henceforth is a way and a means to prepare us for Her Work. Much more than the outer routine (which is no doubt helpful in discipline our life) what is most important is the inner reason for doing things.

We can clean our house as drudgery or we can take it that our house itself is Her Centre and we are now sent there by the Mother to look after this place as Her temple, and then our house has to be converted into Her beautiful temple in every sense of the word with regard to the physical space, its atmosphere, the kind of things we would let into that space and so on and so forth.

At the same time, we need to continue preparing ourselves to serve the Mother better and better. For while we can serve Her at whatever level of evolution we are yet there is a difference in developing ourselves in our mind and heart and body and will and serving Her and doing the same with an undeveloped state.

When we progress towards inculcating beautiful thoughts, mastery of the mind, beautiful and noble sentiments and feelings, mastery over vital impulses, we are actually serving Her. Thus, it becomes possible to serve Her at each and every moment by trying to progress through everything so that our entire being can become a fit and faithful instrument for Her.

Then a time will come when She will pick up this developed instrument and engage us directly in Her service, not only with regard to our inner development (which is the first work we must do for the Mother) but also in Her larger work in the world. And it is in this way that our best aspirations to serve Her can be fulfilled.

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