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At the Feet of The Mother

Sewa (Service) (TH 091)

We live a life with some idea of God and sadhana. These ideas are basically plays of our mind. The reality remains unknown till the sadhak experiences Grace. Yoga shatters the falsehood in the adhara and opens a channel of true knowledge. Here seva of Divine takes the lead role to purify the adhara and bring about the realization. Unselfish and dedicated service brings all necessary devotion and knowledge. We have in front of us people who have shown us by example the way of life like Champaklal and few more. Our whole day goes for the service of our ego. Life is a journey towards light and ananda, but it starts from ignorance. We do all the work out of ego and ignorance initially. When we start to know the divine, spontaneously knowledge flows and we start to understand the base of our work. True knowledge comes by opening oneself to the divine. Then works become seva. Seva increases according to the descent of knowledge in heart. Our veil of ignorance gets thinner and thinner and the joy of offering and seva fulfills the life.

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