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At the Feet of The Mother

Sexual Dreams

While I am getting some control over the sex impulses during the waking condition, there is absolutely no change in my dream state. How is that?

It is absolutely necessary to get rid of sex interest. But the night dreams will only disappear after the waking mind is perfectly free.

In last night’s dream some vital being took the form of a near relative of mine, so that she could approach me easily and request me to accompany her. When we reached her room she expressed her sexual desire. I refused her emphatically and ran away from her. She became furious and pursued me. When she found that my real relatives were coming she became quiet. Have you anything to say about my sex difficulty?

No. Except that it has to be got rid of sooner or later and meanwhile kept at arm’s distance at least. To fight and conquer is best, but to refuse and run away is also good.

Nearly every night I have to get up at midnight for passing water, even when I do not have any sexual dream. Has it then any connection with sex?

Sexual dreams are sometimes the result of the pressure of undischarged urine on the organ.

Can the sexual dreams bring out urine on the bed itself?

Sexual dreams usually bring out the semen or the seminal fluid, not the urine.

I informed you about sex and urine during the sleep state. Now during the day also there is a constant pressure on the organ for passing water, almost every ten minutes. Has it any physical or psychological cause?

There must be some physical reason connected with the kidneys; perhaps the cause is connected with the sciatica (rheumatic tendency in the system).

You wrote that the pressure for passing water has psychological reason. What then is the pressure due to?

It may be due to some weakness in the action of the urinating parts or to something in the system that the organs want to discharge out of it or to any other physical cause.

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To be spontaneous means not to think, organise, decide and make an effort to realise with the personal will.
There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.