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At the Feet of The Mother

Signals of Eternity pp 48-49

Opening Remarks
The Divine revelation takes a number of forms and proceeds along several lines of spiritual experience. Some of these are being described here, especially the various forms in which we come into contact with the inner Fire, the divinity within man.

Prophet eyes of trance
In the oblivious field of mortal mind,
Revealed to the closed prophet eyes of trance
Or in some deep internal solitude
Witnessed by a strange immaterial sense,
The signals of eternity appear.

When the mind falls quiet and is disengaged with outer things, it withdraws inside so to say; then an inner eye opens upon the Truth that was hidden so far to us. The solitude spoken of here is an inner state when the consciousness is turned within and the inner senses awaken and experience the touches of the Eternal. It is these inner senses that experience the contact with the Divine, a contact as vivid as or even more vivid than the contact with material things through our gross senses.

A bright Omniscience
The truth mind could not know unveils its face,
We hear what mortal ears have never heard,
We feel what earthly sense has never felt,
We love what common hearts repel and dread;
Our minds hush to a bright Omniscient;
A Voice calls from the chambers of the soul;
We meet the ecstasy of the Godhead’s touch
In golden privacies of immortal fire.

In these moments when we are in contact with the Divine within, the doors of divinity open to us. There is a reversal of consciousness changing our values and valuation of things. The old measures fall off and a new vision and a new basis of action begins to appear. A new knowledge awakens within the heart and a vast impersonal love begins to spread far and wide including in its scope the outcast and the fallen. Our minds grow quiet with the downpour of a New Knowledge from the Superconscient Above and the ecstasy of God touch and the inner Guidance calling and leading us higher and higher becomes for us something real and concrete.

The tongue of celestial fire
These signs are native to a larger self
That lives within us by ourselves unseen;
Only sometimes a holier influence comes,
A tide of mightier surgings bears our lives
And a diviner Presence moves the soul;
Or through the earthly coverings something breaks,
A grace and beauty of spiritual light,
The murmuring tongue of a celestial fire.

Though these experiences seem so new to us, in fact they are always there within us. It is just that our gaze is turned outside and hence these God-touches pass unnoticed by our outer mind engaged with the small life of the ego-self. These glimpses and touches come to us from Above, from higher realms as a refreshing and rejuvenating breath of Grace that begins to take charge of our life and move us as Its instrument. During these Divine moments, aspiration leaps up and the light and beauty of the soul breaks through our layers and we feel the Godheads touch even in our outer earthly life.

A high stranger
Ourself and a high stranger whom we feel,
It is and acts unseen as if it were not;
It follows the line of sempiternal birth,
Yet seems to perish with its mortal frame.

It is the secret divinity within us, our true self that persists and returns through ever changing masks of name and personality and form. The ego-self feels it to be a stranger though, in reality, it is who we truly are.

The Apocalypse
Assured of the Apocalypse to be,
It reckons not the moments and the hours;
Great, patient, calm it sees the centuries pass,
Awaiting the slow miracle of our change
In the sure deliberate process of world-force
And the long march of all-revealing Time.

The psychic being is endowed with faith and the certitude of Divine Victory and its eventual fulfillment through all our seeming successes and apparent failures. The mind may have doubts and seek for proof, the vital may give up and wander in a state of confusion straying from the straight road but the soul knows that whatever time it may take, the Divine Realisation is as certain or even more certain than two plus two is four. That is why it is never disheartened and waits patiently for the Divine Moment even as it moves through the complex of forces that constitute our life.

Unborn divinity 
It is the origin and the master-clue,  (p. 49 begins)
A silence overhead, an inner voice,
A living image seated in the heart,
An unwalled wideness and a fathomless point,
The truth of all these cryptic shows in Space,
The Real towards which our strivings move,
The secret grandiose meaning of our lives.
A treasure of honey in the combs of God,
A Splendour burning in a tenebrous cloak,
It is our glory of the flame of God,
Our golden fountain of the world’s delight,
An immortality cowled in the cape of death,
The shape of our unborn divinity.

It is a most marvelous and comprehensive description of the psychic being which holds the thread of our past as also the blueprints of the future. It is the true inner voice that comes from the silence in the depths of the heart. It holds the truth, the key to the true understanding of all the events and circumstances of our life. It is the secret Fire that bears within it nectar-cup of God’s sweetness and Delight. This is the immortal element within us; that which we are really seeking consciously or unconsciously through all the various meanderings of our life. It is the inner divinity within us that burns day and night towards the Divine Revelation of tomorrow and carries us from life to greater life through an interregnum of death.

The eternal seed
It guards for us our fate in depths within
Where sleeps the eternal seed of transient things.

It is the key to understand the enigma of life, the doorway to our future. It is the divine seed within us which is destined to grow towards the intended and pre-ordained divinity regardless of time and the varied circumstances of life and the difficulties of nature.

The magic Key
Always we bear in us a magic key
Concealed in life’s hermetic envelope.

The secret soul, the psychic being in us is the magic key that can open our doors to Truth and Light and Peace and Harmony and Beauty and Bliss. It is the key that can lead us to the Divine Life. But our mind has lost this key that was given to us and never taken away. It is clothed in the coverings of nature that is within our mind, life and body.

Heart of the mystery
A burning Witness in the sanctuary
Regards through Time and the blind walls of Form;
A timeless Light is in his hidden eyes;
He sees the secret things no words can speak
And knows the goal of the unconscious world
And the heart of the mystery of the journeying years.

The key to resolving the mystery of life, of being the master of fate is given to us. What appears as an unsolvable riddle to the mind is solved by the discovery of this secret soul within. The soul knows the truth that our mind misses. It knows the mystery of creation and the steps of the long journey through many lives. It is the inner Guide, the knower of the Path we must take to reach the goal.

Closing Remarks
Thus we see that the soul is the connecting link between our nature and personality and the Divine. It is through this that we can understand the mystery of creation and the meaning of our own lives. It is through the soul that we receive the touches of the Divine in our life.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.