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At the Feet of The Mother

Slave of God (TH 034)

When somebody asked the Mother some questions, the Mother advised him to read Sri Aurobindo where he can find all his answers. Indeed, Sri Aurobindo has answered all the questions humanity has ever had. Yet as the Mother says ‘Who can understand Sri Aurobindo? He is as vast as the universe and his teaching is infinite. The only way to know him; to come near him, is to love him and to give oneself unreservedly to his work of terrestrial transformation.’ This is the difficulty. We all can read with some effort and it is true that Sri Aurobindo’s words carry the power that helps our understanding to grow. But we see here another clue, a clue to swifter progress in understanding as well as our growth. This comes by dedicating ourselves to His Work, by being in His Service. Here too we have two levels. There is the servant of God and then there is the slave. By being a servant of God, and then slowly growing as a slave of God we find a swift path towards growth into oneness with the Divine. A slave’s only preoccupation is to serve the Lord without any expectation. However just being with the Lord the slave gets everything without asking. Sri Aurobindo’s message to Champaklal brings us even deeper truth. ‘The divine gives himself to those who give themselves to the Divine; for them, the infinite seas of bliss, of knowledge, of peace, of oneness of Ananda.’ This talk focuses on our exceptional privilege to have been put in contact with Sri Aurobindo by Her Grace and how we can make the best use of this wonderful opportunity given to us.

Recorded in 2010.

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Hypnotism is a form — a form modernised in its expression — of occultism; a very limited, very small form of a very tiny power compared with occult power.