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At the Feet of The Mother

Soul, Psychic Being and Evolution

The soul is a seed of the Divine that has come from the Divine into this world of ignorance and pain where darkness and unconsciousness and falsehood and death presently reign. The purpose of this implantation is precisely to change this world into a world of Truth and Light and Bliss and the marvel it is meant to be. But to fulfil this high divine purpose the soul must first recover its full divine potential and be here even as a god. This growth of the seed of the Divine into its full divine possibility happens through the long journey and process of rebirth. Through all the varied experiences of life, the soul grows nourished by good and evil, pleasure and pain until it develops into a full-fledged psychic being and realizing its divine possibility assumes its true divine nature. Then the second part or rather its real work begins. It becomes a fully conscious link bridging the material body, the earth consciousness or the ignorant fields of nature and the higher Divine Supernature. It becomes the connecting link between man’s nature and God so to say. As a result of this growing connection, human nature slowly gets transformed into a divine nature. As more and more such beings grow the general consciousness of the earth itself will change until a tipping point comes and this earthly life evolves out of itself a new species that is fully capable of leading the life divine. This is the original plan and it is to assist this process or rather to take it to its final consummation that the Supramental Consciousness has been brought to earth to exert a collective pressure upon earth and men for the intended divine transmutation of life.

Obviously it takes a number of lives for the soul or the seed to develop into a fully developed psychic being which is no longer identified with ignorance and knows itself as a child of God. This development of the spark into the fire is itself a two-stage process. For a long time this happens automatically through the various experiences of nature until the soul is developed enough to seek something higher and greater and truer. Its further growth then takes place through conscious aspiration and willed processes. This arrangement is created by nature only to facilitate and shorten the time lag so that once a soul has become aware of the surrounding falsehood and ignorance it does not have to linger long in a state of suffering. The insect and animal consciousness cannot support this willed process since they are not yet conscious enough to seek and aspire beyond the first necessities of a bodily existence. They do not have, rather cannot have a psychic being. It is only human beings, – and here too not all, but those who have developed beyond a point who have a well-formed psychic being. Such beings are fairly conscious of their work and what they are here to do.

As to the evolution spoken of in science it is about the evolution of forms. But the real meaning and purpose of this evolution of forms is precisely to hold a greater and higher degrees of consciousness to facilitate the evolution of the soul into a psychic being and thereafter change this earthly life into a life divine. Biological evolution is one side of the story, the spiritual evolution of the soul within is the other side. For some time they go on without taking note of each other. But a time comes when the two must meet and the fully developed conscious soul inhabit and use a conscious body and mind for the expression of a divine life upon earth.

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