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At the Feet of The Mother

Sri Aurobindo and the Supermind’s Descent


A Written Question and the Mother’s Oral Answer


Q. Here is a quotation from you, which appeared in 1954 in an article by the Associate Editor of Mother India: “Even in 1938 I used to see the Supermind descending into Sri Aurobindo. What he could not do at that time was to fix it here.”

An article in February 1968 by the Editor has understood this to mean that in 1938 the Supramental Force, which had already settled in Sri Aurobindo’s inner being, made its first appearance in his body but could not yet be fixed down in it, so as to make it stay there.

Could one know from you what exactly the truth is?


A. The Supermind was established in Sri Aurobindo but it had not transformed his body. To put it precisely, he did not have a supramentalised body and that is why he could undergo death.

The Supramental Force was there up to the subtle-physical, and when he left his body this Force made a halo of light around it, visible for some days.


Mother India, December 1974.

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