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At the Feet of The Mother

Sri Aurobindo on Himself

As I approach your photo in the Ashram Reception Room, a feeling surges up that it is an emanation of yours. There seems to be a special light on it.

The Sadhaks may themselves bring this light by approaching me through the photo.

Is it not true that the letters we receive from you are full of power?

Yes, power is put into them.

What do you express through your poetry?

I am expressing spiritual truth or spiritual experience.

It ought to be possible to read with the inner consciousness looking on and, as it were, seeing the act of reading. In the condition of absolute inner silence I was making speeches and conducting a newspaper, but all that got itself done without any thought entering my mind or the silence being in the least disturbed or diminished.

When I got the emptiness, it lasted for years. Whatever else came, came in the emptiness, and I could at any time withdraw from the activity into the pure silent peace.

My own sadhana when I was far more advanced than you used to stop for half a year together. I did not make a fuss about it, but remained quiet till the empty or dull period was over.

I don’t know that I have “called” myself a Superman. But certainly I have risen above the ordinary human mind, otherwise I would not think of trying to bring down the Supermind into the physical.

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