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At the Feet of The Mother

Sri Aurobindo’s Interpretations of Dreams and Visions of Champaklal (1/2)

Strange Dreams (1929)

For quite some time now, at night, I get strange dreams. I forget my way, come across many obstacles, but ultimately I would find my way by the Mother’s Grace and also feel Her Protection. Earlier, I did not get such dreams at all. I used to fly straight. Why am I getting such dreams nowadays?

You used to have dreams on the vital plane also long ago in which you passed through dangerous forests and wilderness amid parts of land and water and wild beasts, etc., but you reached safely under the Mother’s protection where you were going. I remember you were writing some to me. Also there have been dreams of difficult passages ending in the arrival on the true open way. Only these dreams you are having now indicate the difficulty of the passage through the physical (and no longer through the vital) consciousness; but the common element is that you are under the Mother’s protection and reach the way at the end.

This is quiet natural because what everybody is passing through now are the difficulties of the physical and subconscient nature; but the Mother’s protection is the same here as in the past stages of the sadhana.


The Calm Sea

In the calm sea, on the horizon, I saw fire and the flames gradually reached the sky.

The calm sea is the quiet vital, the flames are the aspiration rising to the higher consciousness to bring it down; on the horizon means this is the development before you to which you have to move.


An Unpleasant Dream

Day before yesterday, I dreamt that I had a quarrel with the Mother and I left her consequently, I lost all my faith in Her. This aggrieved me a lot and I remained depressed.

What does this mean?

It is probably one part of your being that revolted in dream; it was moved by wrong forces.


Blue Lotus

What is the meaning of the blue lotus?

It can be taken as the (Avatar) incarnation on the mental plane.


Loss of the Key

I was carrying the big key to the (Upper) door of the Mother’s house, which was given to me by the Mother. And suddenly, the key disappeared from my hands. To reach there, I searched a lot for the key, but in vain. Hence, I got panicky and very sad.

What does this mean?

Both the dreams are warnings to be careful against hostile suggestions (first dream) or interferences (second dream).


On Champaklal A Fighter on the Vital Plane (2.7.1932)

The dream about Chandulal and the bandits was a happening in the vital world or else a symbolic scene witnessed there. In the first case, the bandits are vital beings attacking the work, — in the second, hostile forces, suggestions etc. The one thing clear in it is that Champaklal is a prompt and effective fighter on the vital plane.


Are Visions Helpful in Sadhana? (5.11.1932)

Some time, while working or preparing juice or while walking, I see different types of scenes (visions) with open eyes. Some of these are clear and some are not. Some of these are related and meaningful, while some are totally meaningless and irrelevant. I remember some of these and some I forget immediately. At times, they go on like a movie, but most of them are forgotten and are also blurred in appearance.

Beautiful gardens, orchards, rivers, mountains, cities, forests, birds, beautiful sceneries and different types of idols are seen.

Today, in Satyen’s room, at 2.30 p.m., after reading prayers, I was sitting on a chair. No sooner my eyes were closed than I saw in Satyen’s room, near his easy chair, a big drum (barrel) filled with water. I asked Satyen, “Satyen since this drum (barrel) is filled by you, you would know its capacity in terms of number of pots of water.” Soon afterwards, my eyes opened. Can this mean anything? What does this mean?

Are the visions helpful in sadhana in anyway? And, if yes then, how?

Does my previous dream about a travel have any meaning?

The particular things seen may be of no importance, but the power of seeing is of importance and can be of great help in the Yoga. It enables you to see things belonging to other planes (other than the physical) and get knowledge that is useful for sadhana; also to have concrete contact with the Mother in those planes (mental, vital, psychic worlds) etc.

I shall tell you about your long dream afterwards.


Key with the Light (15.11.1952)

I saw a long and big key with the letters MOTHER in white colour above it. All around there was light. Is there any meaning in this?

Is it a key you saw? If so the meaning is clear; it is the key to the Divine realisation; the Mother is the key because it is her light (white is her colour) that enables us to open the gate of realisation.


An Attack on the Vital Plane (22.11.1932)

These things are not usually prophesies of the future; it was an attack on the vital plane which you were strong enough to repulse.


A Lotus with a Coconut (5.8.1933)

I saw a beautiful lotus and inside it a coconut. The lotus was not quite open but one after another the petals were opening.

It is the Consciousness opening, with the offering to the Divine within it.


Fire of Aspiration (18.11.1933)

About 20 days back I saw a fire flame coming out of a lotus. At that time I thought it was only my imagination. Today I see something like that on the cover of the book The Mother. I have tried to draw it.

Has it any meaning?

It must be the fire of aspiration rising from the opened consciousness to the Sun of Truth with all its colours (forces) around it.


On Champaklal as a Soldier (12.1.1934)

Mother, I was seeing in a dream that Champaklal has taken the dress of soldier, and one gun also is in his hand. What is the meaning of it, Mother?

Champaklal as a soldier means that he is a warrior in the vital field against the hostile forces.


Sun of Truth (7.2.1934)

I could not draw exactly what I saw in the vision. Does this drawing mean anything?

It seems to be the fire of aspiration towards the Truth (the Sun) supported by the Divine Presence and lifting up the nature towards the just visible Sun of Truth.


A Baby with a Pot (21.4.1934)

This morning at pranam time I saw a very small baby standing in front of me with a very happy cheerful face and carrying on his shoulders a pot of water which looked too heavy for a baby. The baby offered me water from the pot and said to me: take this water, Mother will again fill it up. I took water as he gave me and I saw to my surprise that the pot was being again filled up; nobody knew how it was filled up; it was like magic. When the baby said that the Mother would fill up the pot again, I was very much impressed by the simple faith of the baby and his being conscious of the Mother, young as he was — I wish to know the meaning of this from Mother.

It was your psychic being.


The Sun and the Flower (25.8.1934)

Early morning a vision came to me. I have tried to represent in the picture what I saw. Is there any meaning in it? Or is it my own mental construction?

The sun is of course the Truth and the building is the material consciousness that has become capable of receiving the light. The flowers indicate our presence in the material consciousness.


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